Cardio-oncology is the cardiac care of cancer patients. Cardiac issues may develop during cancer treatment or may be pre-existing or may develop as late effects. There has been increasing recognition of these issues recently which has led to the development of the new sub-speciality of cardio-oncology bringing together cardiologists, oncologists and allied healthcare professionals.

This Cardio-oncology section showcases key papers in the field to allow readers to quickly familiarise themselves with the latest advances in this rapidly developing field. There will be work related to the different cardiac complications of cancer treatment e.g. acute coronary syndromes, myocarditis, heart failure and arrhythmias. Research focussing on specific cancer therapies and their cardiotoxicities will also be featured e.g. immunotherapies, targeted therapies, cytotoxic drugs, radiotherapy etc. Finally this section will enable the reader to reference the most up-to-date guidelines in the field from national and international organisations.

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Dr Arjun K Ghosh

Section Advisor

Dr Arjun K Ghosh

Consultant Cardiologist, Barts Heart Centre, University College London Hospital and Hatter Cardiovascular Institute, UK

The Radcliffe cardio-oncology educational hub is an independent program led by Dr Arjun K Ghosh.

Recent Videos


Venous Thromboembolism in Cancer Patients

Sergey Kozhukhov, Nataliia Dovganych, Daniel Lenihan, et al

Watch time: 14s


Tumour Board: CV Toxicity

Daniel Lenihan, Joe Carver, Teresa López Fernández, et al

Watch time: 1h 4m 16s


The Imminent Digital Revolution in Cardio-Oncology Research

Daniel Lenihan, Joe Carver, Julius C Heemelaar, et al

Watch time: 57m 55s


Latest Clinical Trial Updates for ATTR-CM and AL-CM

Michelle Kittleson, Heather J Landau, Daniel Lenihan, et al

Watch time: 1h 8m 33s


CD69 Deficiency and Genetic Susceptibility to Anti-PD1-induced Myocarditis

José Enrique Ortega Sollero, Pilar Martín, Jose Alvarez-Cardona, et al

Watch time: 59m 44s


Sleep, Quality of Life and Heart Health in Cancer Survivors

Wendy Bottinor, Oxana Palesh, Kerryn Reding, et al

Watch time: 1h 4m 52s