Mirvat Alasnag

Mirvat Alasnag

Director of Catheterization Laboratory


King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah, SA

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Dr Mirvat Alasnag is an editorial board member of Interventional Cardiology: Reviews, Research, Resources (ICR3), joining the board in October 2020 and is also on the editorial board for US Cardiology Review (USC).

Dr Mirvat Alasnag is the Director of the Catheterization Laboratory at the King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She was the first female interventional cardiologist in the Gulf region and has since represented women on multiple medical committees, including the Saudi Arabian Cardiac Interventional Society Board & the EAPCI Women’s Steering Committee. She is the current ACCWIC International Working Group Chair and an SCAI WIN member.

Dr Alasnag trained in Clinical Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology at Loma Linda University Medical Center (Loma Linda, California) and Harper University Hospital, Detroit Medical Center (Detroit, Michigan), respectively. Since her graduation in 2009 to date, she has been a practising Interventional Cardiologist at the King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital.

Dr Alasnag is currently serving as a member of the Board of Trustees for SCAI and a member of the ACC Interventional Leadership Council.  Dr Alasnag is the Editor in Chief of Current Cardiovascular Imaging Reports. In addition, she is an Editor/Associate/Contributing Editor for JSCAI, Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions, PCROnline, Open Heart, Radcliffe Cardiology, ACCEL, Faculty Opinions (ESC) and Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine.

She is also a member of the ESC Congress Programme Committee, SCCT 2022 Program committee and EuroPCR Board. She is the Interventional Cardiology Section Chief of the Telemedicine Working Group and is active on several other committees at ACC, SCAI, ESC, and SCCT.


Articles by Mirvat Alasnag, Director of Catheterization Laboratory

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