Ferric Carboxymaltose: Ironing Out the Issues Around Heart Failure Related Readmissions









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Do you know when, how and on which patients to use ferric carboxymaltose to treat heart failure?

Iron deficiency can have a negative impact on both mitochondrial and cardiac function and on the structure of the heart, this can lead to heart failure. Ferric carboxymaltose can improve both cardiac structure and performance. 

This webinar is the first in a series of six webinars from the ISCP focusing on the A to Z of CV Pharmacotherapy. Led by moderators Chan Hong (Singapore) and Franco Cheng (Hong Kong), it includes a speaker presentation from David Sim (Singapore) and a discussion from panellists Maurizio Volterrani (Italy) and Daniel Lighezan (Romania) that will examine the importance of ferric carboxymaltose, through consideration of real-world examples, live discussions and audience Q&A.

This live webinar is EBAC accredited. 1 CME credit will be granted upon confirmation of successful attendance.

Performed By:

David Sim

David Sim

Maurizio Volterrani

Maurizio Volterrani

Daniel Lighezan

Daniel Lighezan

Moderated By:

Chan Hong

Chan Hong

Franco Cheng

Franco Cheng

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Key Learning Objectives

  • To evaluate and understand the importance of iron in Heart Failure
  • To evaluate and understand when and how to use ferric carboxymaltose in Heart Failure
  • To apply evidence-based recommendations to two real world cases

Target Audience

  • Cardiovascular team members - Doctors, nurses and Pharmacists
  • Family Physicians
  • Internists
  • Healthcare students
  • Cardiovascular pharmacotherapy researchers

Faculty Biographies

David Sim

David Sim


Dr David Sim is a senior consultant in the cardiology department at the National Heart Centre in Singapore.


Academic History

  • Royal College of Physicians (UK) diploma, 2004
  • Masters of Medicine (Internal Medicine), National University of Singapore, 2004
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, National University of Singapore, 2004


Career Overview

Dr Sim is the director of both the heart failure programme and the clinical trial research office and plays an active role as coordinator in a number of major global heart failure trials. He is a committee member of the adult heart transplant programme in the NHCS and is the project director for the advanced care planning programme.1

He has worked as an associate professor at the Duke National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School and is currently president of the Heart Failure Society (Singapore).

He has contributed to the development of cardiology across different countries in Asia and the Pacific Region, playing an active role in the setting up of the heart failure programme in countries like Vietnam and Mongolia.2


Career Timeline

  • Deputy Head, Department of Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore, 2022 - Present
  • Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
  • Director of Heart Failure Programme, National Heart Centre Singapore
  • Director of Clinical Trials, National Heart Centre Singapore, May 2020 to Present
  • Clinical Associate Professor, Duke-NUS Medical School
  • ​Member of the Royal College of Physicians, UK since 2004
  • Vice President of the Heart Failure Society (Singapore)3



  • SingHealth Residency Outstanding Faculty Award Academic Year 2015/2016
  • Health Services Development Programme Award 2011 (Ministry of Health Singapore): Ultrafiltration for Heart Failure (Project Director)
  • SingHealth Best Registrar Award 2008
  • SingHealth Health Manpower Development Plan Award 2008


Areas of Speciality

  • Heart Failure
  • Heart Transplant



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  3. https://www.nhcs.com.sg/profile/sim-kheng-leng-david


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Maurizio Volterrani

Maurizio Volterrani

Full Professor in of Exercise Science and Medicine at San Raffaele Telematic University of Rome. Head of the Cardiac Pulmonary Department at IRCCS San Raffaele in Rome. Prof Volterrani’s main research interests include heart failure, exercise training in cardiac rehabilitation, telemedicine, hyperkalaemia and kidney failure . He is and has been principal investigator in multiple international clinical trials mainly related to heart failure.

He is a Board Member and Fellow of the Heart Failure Association (HFA) of the European Society of Cardiology and holds the following positions:

  • Coordinator the Exercise Physiology and Training Committee of the HFA
  • Coordinator of Endorsement Committee for Higher Educatio of the HFA
  • Co-coordinator of the Registry and Epidemiology Committee of the HFA
  • HFA Liaison officer of the ESC Digital Committee
  • Member of the HFA Study Group on Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Frailty
  • Liaison Officer for the ESC Patient Forum
  • Ex-officio Member of the Council on Stroke


Prof Volterrani is also National Governor of ISCP – International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, member of the Italian Ministry of Health Commission for IRCCS Research Hospitals Cardiology Network and is an expert in the Scientific Advisor Group for the European Medicines Agency.

Finally, he is Editor in Chief of the Monaldi Archive for Chest Diseases, Associate Editor for the European Journal of Heart Failure and ESC Heart Failure Journal. He has authored over280 publications in national and international scientific journals with a current H-index of 49.

Prof Maurizio Volterrani is a Section Editor of Cardiac Failure Review.

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Daniel Lighezan

Daniel Lighezan

After completing his training in internal medicine and cardiology, including a “Deutscher Akademischer Austausch-Dienst” scholarship he joined the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes” Timisoara, Romania, Internal Medicine and Cardiology Clinic, where he provides clinical care, supervises trainees, administers the clinic, and conducts research on heart failure, hypertension, myocardial infarction, atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias, to enhance our knowledge and the quality of patient care.

He has been actively involved in teaching and supervision of medical students and residents since he joined the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes” Timisoara. In addition, he lectures regularly in clinical medicine and semiology in the third year. Furthermore, he is organizing courses on internal medicine held for residents. He also lectures on national and international level courses on cardiology and internal medicine.

Beginning from March 2020 he was appointed Vice-rector for Education at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes” Timisoara. His status provides him with an overview of online teaching and examination during the pandemic.

In addition to providing administrative oversight, clinical care, and teaching, he is conducting clinical research in different studies: heart failure, hypertension, cardiovascular protection, atrial fibrillation, Dyslipidemia, Myocardial Infarction, etc.

Since his appointment as Professor and Chief of the Internal Medicine Clinic of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes” Timisoara, he endeavored to provide excellent clinical care, administrative oversight, and teaching, while also conducting clinical trials in his area of clinical expertise.

Through his lecturing (at a local, regional, national and international level), his written works, his clinical research, and his involvement with professional societies he improved in the department of internal medicine and cardiology the care for patients with cardiovascular and internal medicine pathology.

Prof Daniel Lighezan is a Boardmember of the Romanian Society of Cardiology and Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology.

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Chan Hong

Chan Hong

Mr Chan Hong is an ambulatory Pharmacist in National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS). He is currently involved in managing ambulatory clinics in areas of anticoagulation, smoking cessation and heart failure management.

He is a keen advocate for patient empowerment and education to improve disease prevention and public health. He is currently involved in the formulation and review of Patient Medication-Information Leaflets (PILs) for the Singhealth cluster and the national workgroup.


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Franco Cheng

Franco Cheng


Franco Cheng works as a pharmacist at the University of Hong Kong. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and then went on to study a Master in Clinical Pharmacy at the same institution.


Career Timeline

  • 2007 - 2010: Bachelor’s Degree (Pharmacy), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • 2013 - 2015: Master of Clinical Pharmacy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Areas of Speciality

  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Care



  1. https://rocketreach.co/cheng-franco-email_59547596 


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