USC Discussion: Cardiogenic Shock Protocols, Teams, Center & Networks

Published: 20 Oct 2021

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Dr Alastair Proudfoot (Barts Heart Centre, UK) outlines the process requirements for care of the cardiogenic shock patients and where shock teams and centres fit into that underpinned by the latest available data. Dr Alexander Truesdell, Guest Editor of USC asks Dr Proudfoot about why we need shock teams. They discuss the challenges of treating patients with cardiogenic shock. They talk about their experience of setting up networks and share practical tips. 

What are the advantages of IT solutions? What are the challenges with setting up protocols? How can legislate efforts be supported? And more.

Read Alex F Warren, Carolyn Rosner, Raghav Gattani, Alexander G Truesell and Alastair G Proudfoot narrative review titled Cardiogenic Shock: Protocols, Teams, Centers, and Networks.

Recorded remotely from London and Falls Church, 2021. 

Editor: Mirjam Boros



Videography:Oliver Miles