FOURIER-OLE: Long-term Safety of Evolocumab Therapy in Patients with Evident ASCVD

Published: 08 Sep 2022

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In this video, Dr Michelle L O’Donoghue summarises the long-term evaluation of evolocumab in the open label extension trial, FOURIER-OLE. The rationale of the study, the key results and how these add to the existing evidence will be discussed. This video will also highlight which patients would benefit the most from evolocumab, the safety profile in this extension study and take home-messages.


This video is part of a series of interviews, recorded at ESC Congress 2022 in Barcelona, in which Dr Michelle L O’Donoghue, Dr Marc S Sabatine and Dr Robert P Giugliano consider the importance and implications of the FOURIER-OLE trial.

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This programme is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Amgen.