ESC 22: EMPEROR-Preserved & DELIVER Meta-Analysis: SGLT2is in Heart Failure

Published: 02 Sep 2022

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ESC 22 - Dr Muthiah Vaduganathan joins us on-site at ESC 2022 to discuss the findings of a prespecified meta-analysis of the EMPEROR-Preserved and DELIVER Trials, both of which aimed to evaluate the effects of SGLT2 inhibitors on patients with heart failure.

1. What were the prespecifications for this meta-analysis?
2. What was the rationale for performing a meta-analysis on these specific trials?
3. What was the study design, patient population and key findings?
4. What does this add to existing research into the use of SGLT2is in patients with Heart Failure
5. Where are the knowledge gaps, and how can this be overcome with further research?

Filmed on-site at ESC 22, Barcelona.
Editor: Jordan Rance
Interviewer: Mirjam Boros
Videography: Tom Green, Dan Brent, Mike Knight, Oliver Miles