Michelle Kittleson

Michelle Kittleson

Cardiologist & Professor of Medicine


Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute, Los Angeles, CA, US

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Dr Michelle Kittleson is Professor of Medicine at Cedars-Sinai and Director of Education in Heart Failure and Transplantation at the Smidt Heart Institute.  She graduated from Harvard College and received her medical degree from Yale University.  She completed residency training at Brigham and Women's Hospital and cardiology fellowship at Johns Hopkins, where she also received a PhD in Clinical Investigation.  

Dr Kittleson is Interim Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, on writing committees for the ACC/AHA Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Guidelines and the ACC/AHA/HFSA HF Guidelines, Co Editor-in-Chief for the ACC Heart Failure Self-Assessment Program, and on the Board of Directors for the Heart Failure Society of America.  Her essays have appeared in the New England Journal of MedicineAnnals of Internal Medicine, and JAMA Cardiology and poems in JAMA and Annals of Internal Medicine. Her book, Mastering the Art of Patient Care, is available from Springer publishing.

Articles by Michelle Kittleson, Cardiologist & Professor of Medicine

Implications of Extra-cardiac Disease in Patient Selection for Heart Transplantation: Considerations in Cardiac Amyloidosis

Lynn Raju Punnoose, Hasan Siddiqi, Julie L Rosenthal, et al


Citation: Cardiac Failure Review 2023;9:e01.

Promising New Therapies in Heart Failure: Ivabradine and the Neprilysin Inhibitors

Michelle Kittleson,

Citation: US Cardiology Review 2016;10(1):8–13