ACC 2020: Results from the Global EXPAND Study

Published: 28 Apr 2020

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D Scott Lim (UVA Health System, Charlottesville, VA, US) discusses the most recent outcomes with MitraClip™ (NTR/XTR) System in primary mitral regurgitation.


1. How prevalent is primary MR and what is the current guidance for Mitraclip™ use in these patients?
2. What are the objectives of EXPAND?
3. Can you describe the study design & inclusion criteria ?
4. Could you describe your key outcome and safety findings?
5. How were outcomes affected by anatomical complexity?
6. Were there differences in outcomes between the NTR/XTR devices?
7. What conclusions can be made and what are the implications on practice?
8. We have seen high-volume centres exhibit better outcomes with Mitraclip™, was this the case in EXPAND?
9. How should this research be expanded upon?


Interviewer: Victoria Perroud