Nicola Montano

Professor of Internal Medicine

University of Milan, Milan, IT


Prof Nicola Montano is currently Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Milan, Milan, IT. He is also Director of the Division of Internal Medicine & Immunology, Ca’Granda Foundation, Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Milan, Italy. He is Chairman of the Department of Clinical Sciences and Community Health at University of Milan, as well as the Head of the Cardiovascular Neural Control Lab at University of Milan.

Prof Montano received his MD (summa cum laude) from the School of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Milan in 1988 and his PhD in Clinical Methodology in 1994. His main research activity is related to neural control of circulation, namely pathophysiology of syncope and heart failure, sleep deprivation and the relationship between stress, autonomic nervous system and inflammation.

He is involved in several research project collaborations with international institutions, such as the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, United States, Ludwig-Maximillian University of Munich and Heidelberg University, both in Germany, along with University of Rio de Janeiro at Niteroi, Brazil. Prof Montano is the Immediate Past President of the European Federation of Internal Medicine.