Symphony Academy™: Medical Education Hosted by Circle Cardiovascular Imaging

Published: 05 April 2021

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Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc. develops world class, advanced reading and reporting solutions for cardiac imaging. Circle is a prominent company for the global cardiac imaging community bringing together an experienced and qualified team of over 150 people.


Circle’s imaging platform, cvi42, is the best-in-class cardiovascular imaging reading and reporting solution for cardiac MR, cardiac CT, cardiac Interventional Planning and Electrophysiology. Annually, millions of cardiac exams - in over 1,000 hospitals and in more than 40 countries - are interpreted using cvi42, giving physicians the tools to accurately quantify and diagnose complex cardiovascular diseases whilst improving patient outcomes and the effective utilisation of healthcare resources. Currently at version 5.13.5, cvi42 fully embeds AI into one easy to use platform demonstrating capabilities within the same range as expert human readers.


Circle CVI recently launched the Symphony Academy as part of an effort to develop a global community for Medical Education. The aim is to provide an educational platform to share information that empowers and creates the conditions to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.

We will be updating this page throughout the year with content designed to engage and educate viewers about the current state of cardiovascular imaging, help identify the meaningful technological advances we have already seen in reducing workflows and increasing efficiencies and interpret how future technology will continue to push the boundaries of cardiovascular imaging.  You can also click HERE to listen to more audio talks in the Symphony Academy Educational Programme.

Symphony Academy Key Learning Objectives

  • Recognize how state-of-the-art imaging diagnostics is contributing to improved outcomes in the treatment of CVD
  • Identify the impact of current technological advances in reducing workflows and increasing efficiencies
  • Interpret how future technology will continue to push the boundaries of cardiovascular imaging
  • Recognize CMR evolution and achievements in history and expand on latest trend and reporting habits

Target Audience

  • Imaging Specialists
  • Cardiologists and Interventional Cardiologists
  • Radiologists
  • Electrophysiologists
  • Technologists

Series overview

Part 1

The Future of Cardiovascular Imaging Summit

A Symphony Academy™ Medical Education Panel Discussion recorded at the SCMR Congress in February 2021. Hear from a world renowned panel of experts as they discuss state-of-the-art imaging diagnostics and interpret how future technology will continue to push the boundaries of cardiovascular imaging. Moderator: Professor Matthias Friedrich. Panel: Professor Dudley Pennell, Professor Sven Plein and Dr João Cavalcante.

10 sessions

Part 2

Routine use of CMR in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease

3 renowned experts define everyday challenges in CMR clinical routine and give insights and strategies about solving those, to increase confidence and thus adoption of CMR in clinical practice. A Peer-to-Peer expert discussion, recorded at the EuroCMR Congress, chaired by Professor Dudley Pennell with Dr Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci and Dr Subah Raman.

4 sessions

Faculty biographies