Rhythm Interventions Online 2021 – Full Programme: On-Demand

Published: 06 December 2021

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Building on the outstanding success of 2020’s inaugural event, Rhythm Interventions Online (RIO) 2021 again delivered the highest quality learning over three days.


With an interactive programme designed to reflect the very latest tips, tricks and technologies, the aim of RIO 2021 was, conversely, one of continuity: the continue to provide you, the healthcare practitioner, with stimulating virtual sessions to educate, challenge, and best support optimal outcomes in patient care. Central to RIO’s philosophy was for all sessions to again be free-to-access, providing a platform for the widest dissemination of live case procedures, expert opinions and best-in-class presentations and discussion.


Watch the full programme – including symposia and breakouts – on-demand here.


Radcliffe Cardiology will publish details on the next year's event – RIO 2022 – shortly. 


Note, the live version of this session was CME accredited; this on-demand version is not.

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Faculty Biographies

Richard Schilling

Richard Schilling

Consultant Cardiologist

Prof Schilling has been a consultant cardiologist at St Bartholomew’s and the Royal London NHS trust since 2001. He was appointed as chair in cardiology and electrophysiology in 2009. His current practice involves all aspects of electrophysiology and management of cardiac arrhythmia including catheter ablation, implantation of pacemakers and cardiac defibrillators, and cardiac resynchronization therapy for heart failure patients.

Prof Schilling was part of the team that lead the merger of the Heart and Barts hospitals which is one of the largest heart centers in Europe. He is the Strategy Director for Barts Hospital, the Medical Director for the Arrhythmia Alliance and President-Elect for the British Heart Rhythm Society.

Prof Schilling is a member of the AER editorial board.

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Hugh Calkins

Hugh Calkins

Professor of Medicine and Director of Electrophysiology

Dr Hugh Calkins is Professor of Medicine and Director of Electrophysiology at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institution in Baltimore, US.  

He has clinical and research interests in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias with catheter ablation, the role of device therapy for treating ventricular arrhythmias, the evaluation and management of syncope and the study of arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia. He has certifications from the American Board of Internal Medicine in Cardiovascular Disease (1989), Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology (1992) and Internal Medicine (1986).

Dr Calkins has over 38 years of experience in the medical field. He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology and is on the editorial board of several prestigious publications including The Journal of the American College of Cardiology; HeartRhythm and Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology. He is a former member of the American Board…

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Jan Steffel

Jan Steffel

Senior Consultant in Electrophysiology and Devices

Professor Jan Steffel is a Cardiologist and Senior Consultant in Electrophysiology and Devices at the Hirslanden Clinic in Zurich and Professor of Cardiology at the University of Zurich.

He has over 150 publications in international and national journals and is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology.  He was Associate Editor for the European Heart Journal from 2012 and became Deputy Editor in 2017. He is a member of the Foederatio Medicorum Helveticorum (FMH), Swiss Society for General Internal Medicine (SGAIM), Swiss Society for Cardiology (SGK) and European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

Since 2012, Prof Steffel has been involved with the

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Christopher Aldo Rinaldi

Christopher Aldo Rinaldi

Dr Christopher Aldo Rinaldi is a consultant at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK 

Dr Rinaldi was trained in medicine at King’s College Hospital, becoming a member of the Royal College of Physicians in 1993 and subsequently a fellow in 2006. He trained in cardiology at Guy’s and St Thomas’ with dual accreditation in cardiology and general medicine.

Dr Rinaldi obtained his MD in 2001 and undertook his research at the University Hospital of Wales and Hammersmith Hospital. He became a fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society in 2013. In 2014 he was promoted to professor of cardiac electrophysiology and devices at King’s College London, where he leads the Cardiac Device Research Programme.

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