Past, Present and Future: SGLT2 inhibitors for CV Outcomes

Published: 17 August 2020

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This roundtable event includes four leading heart failure specialists discussing recent data related to SGLT2 inhibitors in reducing CV risk, HF hospitalisations and mortality and morbidity in HFrEF irrespective of T2DM. The panel also look at ongoing studies including those for HFpEF and CKD outcomes.


This video series was funded by an unrestricted educational grant from Boehringer Ingelheim.

Educational Objectives

  • Understand the History of SGLT2 Inhibitors and the Published Data from SGLT-2 Inhibitor Cardiovascular Outcome Trials (CVOT).
  • Link These Outcomes Data to the Latest Guideline Updates in Diabetes.
  • Understand the Importance of the Ongoing CREDENCE, EMPA and DAPA Clinical Trials.
  • Evaluate Emerging Data of the Treatment of HF With SGLT2 Inhibitors in Patients With or Without T2DM.
  • Apply This Clinical Understanding to the Management of Heart Failure Patients in the Real World.
  • Identify Important Future Developments to Be Aware of to Allow Continual Optimisation of Heart Failure Management and the Potential for Future Guideline Updates in Heart Failure
  • Assess the Interrelationships Linking Diabetes, HF and CVD

Series overview

Part 1

How Did We Get Here?

Test description

Part 2

Where Are We Now?

Part 3

What Is the Future?

Faculty Biographies

Andrew JS Coats

Andrew JS Coats

Director of the Monash Warwick Alliance and Academic Vice-President

Prof Andrew Coats is President of the Heart Failure Association and Professor of Cardiology, University of Warwick, UK. He is an Australian-British academic cardiologist and inventor. Prof Coats' main interest is heart failure.

From 2012 to 2017 he was Director of the Monash-Warwick Alliance, and before that served as Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Medicine of the University of Sydney.

He is an Australian-British academic cardiologist as well as a successful fundraiser, university administrator and inventor.

Prof Coats is Editor-in-Chief of the Cardiac Failure Review editorial board. 


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Faiez Zannad

Faiez Zannad

Professor of Therapeutics and Cardiology, Head of CIC

Dr Faiez Zannad is Professor of Therapeutics & Cardiology and Head of the Division of Heart Failure, Hypertension and Preventive Cardiology for the department of Cardiovascular Disease of the Academic Hospital (CHU) in Nancy and the Director of the Clinical Investigation Centre (Inserm-CHU).

Dr Zannad is currently the Chairman of the ESC Working group on Pharmacology and Drug Therapy as well as a Boardmember of the ESC Heart Failure Association. He is Past-President of the French Society of Hypertension. 

Dr Zannad is Co-Editor-in-Chief for Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology, the official journal of the European Pharmacology Societies Federation (EUPHAR). He chairs and organises annual international meetings on CardioVascular Clinical Trials (CVCT) and on Biomarkers in Heart Failure.

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Stefan Anker

Stefan Anker

Professor of Cardiology

Personal History

Dr Stefan Anker was born in East Berlin, Germany in 1965 and has been a doctor for almost thirty years. In his own words, he “never considered doing anything other than medicine.” He is a prodigious researcher who has published over 950 original papers, reviews and editorials. 

Dr Anker has also won a number of awards, including the 2018 Copernicus Prize from the German DFG and Polish FNP. Working with both systems in the United Kingdom and Germany has been enjoyable for him because he loves the freedom that it provides as an academic. He would like to play more tennis or golf if he had the time, and enjoys collecting sculptures; particularly anything “skinny or thin.”

Academic History

Dr Anker studied medicine at Charité Medical School of Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany from 1987 to 1993. He went on to complete his PhD at the N

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John JV McMurray

John JV McMurray

Professor of Cardiology

Professor of Medical Cardiology and Deputy Director of the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences at the University of Glasgow, UK and honorary Consultant Cardiologist at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow. A graduated of Manchester University, Prof McMurray completed postgraduate research at the University of Dundee. Prof McMurray is a Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), American College of…

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