The Next Frontier in Amyloidosis Management: Comprehensive CMR Imaging Strategies for Improved Patient Outcomes

Published: 23 March 2024

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This breakout session – first broadcast as part of the inaugural New Horizons in Amyloidosis (NHA) meeting, held in February 2024 – is moderated by Dr Timothy Albert (Circle Cardiovascular Imaging), with faculty Dr Kanae Mukai (Salinas Valley Health, US) and Dr Sven Plein (University of Leeds, UK).


The session provides insight into the clinical integration of cardiac MRI, supported by practical, community-based experiences from the US, and academic perspectives from the UK.

Sponsored by Circle Cardiovascular Imaging

Learning Objectives

  • Determine the value of cardiac MRI for evaluating cardiac amyloidosis
  • Identify CMR features consistent with amyloidosis
  • Recall patient characteristics suggestive of amyloidosis and warrant assessment with CMR

Target Audience

  • Cardiologists (device implanters, heart failure)
  • Imaging specialists
  • Electrophysiologists
  • Primary care
  • Haematologists
  • Cardiac nurse practitioners
  • Practitioners

More from this programme

Part 1

Welcome & Clinical integration of Cardiac MRI: Community insights from the US

Dr Albert provides a brief background to Circle Cardiovascular Imaging, before Dr Mukai presents on the 'Clinical integration of cardiac MRI – Community insights', concluding that CMR has proven an excellent first-line test to facilitate early diagnosis, when there is clinical suspicion.

Part 2

Clinical integration of Cardiac MRI: the UK experience

Dr Plein’s focus is on academic experience to facilitate early diagnosis in the UK, concluding that T1 mapping and ECV should be integral parts of heart failure and CMR protocols, supporting an increase in diagnostic confidence.

Part 3

Audience questions and closing remarks

In this final part, Dr Albert, Dr Mukai and Dr Plein answer questions from the audience, including how we can differentiate cardiac amyloidosis from cardiac sarcoidosis; how to increase knowledge to enhance referral pathways (including the role of patient advocacy initiatives); and approaches to distinguish between different types of cardiac amyloidosis.

Faculty Biographies

Sven Plein

Sven Plein

Professor of Cardiovascular Imaging

Prof Sven Plein is a British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular Imaging at the University of Leeds, UK, where he leads the Department of Biomedical Imaging Science. Together with his multidisciplinary research group, he has published over 300 original papers, position papers and review articles with a focus on CMR in ischaemic heart disease and heart failure. Prof Plein also practices as a Consultant Cardiologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals where he leads a busy clinical CMR service.

Prof Plein has been active in the field of CMR since 1999 and has been an SCMR member for over 20 years. He was a member of the board of Trustees of the SCMR from 2010 – 2013 and programme chair of the 2011 joint SCMR/EuroCMR scientific sessions in Nice. Later he served as Chairman of the Working Group on CMR of the European Society of Cardiology and Vice-president of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging. He is Secretary/Treasurer and incoming Vice…

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Kanae  Mukai

Kanae Mukai

Dr Kanae Mukai is a Principal Investigator for Clinical Research and Clinical Trials here at Salinas Valley Health, US. She is a highly skilled cardiologist specialising in multiple subspecialties. She earned her medical degree from Chicago Medical School in 2009 and completed extensive training, including fellowships at Scripps Clinic and specialised training at top institutions like Duke University and UCSF. Dr Mukai holds Level III certification in various cardiovascular imaging modalities and is board certified by multiple organisations.

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Timothy  Albert

Timothy Albert

CEO and Executive Medical Director

Dr Timothy Albert is Chief Medical and Product Officer, Circle Cardiovascular Imaging.

Dr Albert has successfully worked in senior healthcare management positions, the medical technology space, and clinical practice. Previously he served as Executive Medical Director of Huntington Hospital’s medical foundation, Huntington Health Physicians, located in Pasadena, CA. 

In addition to advisory positions in the healthcare industry Dr Albert has held positions with the American College of Cardiology’s Cardiovascular Imaging Section Leadership Council, has been an elected Trustee for the international board of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR), and a member of the board of directors of the Duke University Cardiovascular Cooperative Society. Dr Albert has been the primary author or co-author on over two dozen review articles, book chapters, and original scientific publications…

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