London Valves 22: VIVA FIH Study: Vienna Aortic Valve TAVI System in Pts with AS

Published: 14 Dec 2022

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PCR London Valves 22 - In this interview from London Valves 2022, we are joined by Dr Kasparas Briedis (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas, LT) to discuss the findings of the VIVA FIH Study. This trial aimed to analyse the safety and feasibility of the Vienna Aortic Valve TAVI System in patients with aortic stenosis. Dr Briedis outlines the features of the Vienna valve system, the key findings from the trial, and the next steps for the device. 


1. Please describe the Vienna Aortic Valve System
2. What is the rationale behind this study?
3. What was the patient population and study design?
4. What are the key findings?
5. What are the next steps?


Recorded remotely from Lithuania, 2022.
Interviewer: Jordan Rance
Videography: Oliver Miles


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