e-SPACE Cardio-Renal-Metabolic 2024

Published: 29 March 2024

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KDIGO and Translational Medicine Academy (TMA) in partnership with Radcliffe Cardiology were delighted to announce the return of e-SPACE Cardio-Renal-Metabolic (CRM) 2024.


A thoughtfully curated programme supported the exploration of how leading experts, in cardiology, nephrology and diabetology, treat the interrelated diseases.


This event once again brought together TMA’s mandate for the delivery of continuing professional development to healthcare professionals to achieve concordance with appropriate treatment plans, alongside KDIGO's mission to improve the care and outcomes of patients with kidney disease worldwide through the development and implementation of global clinical practice guidelines, with Radcliffe Cardiology’s goal to deliver cardiovascular knowledge to best support cardiovascular communities transform theory into practice.


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Learning Objectives

  • Review the burden of diabetes, kidney disease and heart failure including morbidity, excess mortality and reduced quality of life affecting individuals around the world
  • Describe the complexity and interlink between the three conditions
  • Discuss existing guidelines and best approaches for screening patients
  • Review evidence-based management strategies for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, heart failure, kidney disease and obesity including SLGT2i, GLP-1RA, new non-steroidal mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists and other emerging therapies
  • Foster cross-collaboration between other cardiorenal / metabolic specialists and primary care physicians and allied health care professionals in order to improve patients outcomes

Target Audience

  • Cardiologists
  • Nephrologists
  • Diabetologists
  • General Practitioners (GPs)
  • HF Specialists
  • Nurses, Pharmacists, and other Allied Healthcare Professionals

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Faculty Biographies

Gerasimos Filippatos

Gerasimos Filippatos

Professor of Cardiology

Prof Gerasimos Filippatos is a Professor of Cardiology and Cardiologist at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, GR.

He studied Medicine at the University of Patras, and earned his doctorate Cum Laude from the University of Athens.

Prof Filippatos is Past President of the Heart Failure Association (HFA) of the European Society of Cardiology and he has published over 600 articles in peer-reviewed journals and authored more than 30 book chapters.

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Manisha Sahay

Manisha Sahay

Professor and Head, Department of Nephrology

Dr Manisha Sahay is Professor and Head, Department of Nephrology at Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad, IN.

Dr Sahay's interests include Diabetic Kidney Diseases and Transplantation.

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Gianluigi Savarese

Gianluigi Savarese

Associate Professor of Cardiology

Dr Gianluigi Savarese is currently an Associate Professor of Cardiology and Heart Failure Specialist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Dr Savarese has served on the board for the European Society of Cardiology's Heart Failure Association since 2020, and has previously been a Nucleus member of a working group on Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy for the ESC. He is a member of the Italian Society of Cardiology, and the Swedish Society of Cardiology. 

Dr Savarese attended the University of Naples Federico II University for his degree in Surgery and Medicine between 2004 - 2010. He then went on to stay at the same institution until 2016 as he completed his Specialism in Cardiovascular Diseases. He then continued his postgraduate studies at the University of Zurich between 2015-2017, where he continued his studies into Heart Failure. Finally, Dr Savarese completed his PhD at the Karolinska Institutet in 2018. 

Dr Savarese…

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Francesco Cosentino

Francesco Cosentino

Professor of Cardiology

Prof Francesco Cosentino is Professor of Cardiology at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, SE.

Prof Cosentino is deputy editor of European Heart Journal and consulting editor of Cardiovascular Research Journal. 

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Sam Seidu

Sam Seidu

Professor in Primary Care Diabetes and Cardio-metabolic Medicine

Prof Sam Seidu is a Professor in Primary Care Diabetes and Cardio-metabolic Medicine at University of Leicester, Leicester, UK.

Prof Seidu is the vice-chair for Research for Primary Care Diabetes Europe (PCDE) and a board member of the Primary Care Diabetes Society of UK.

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