COVID-19 and Cardiology: Lessons from the first wave in Lombardy

Published: 10 May 2020

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Almost two months ago, we asked Dr Giuseppe Galati (San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, IT) about his experience of treating patients with COVID-19. At that time the COVID-19 pandemic was on its peak in Italy.

Now, the first wave seems to be finishing in Lombardy, and the country is easing the lockdown. We asked Dr Galati about the impact of the last two months and his thoughts about the present and future of healthcare management. 

1. Can you describe the situation in Lombardy now and the availability of ICU beds? Can you tell us about the current management in Lombardy at the moment?

2. Have you noticed changes in your practice? What are the cardiovascular patient populations/cohorts being prioritised for treatment at the moment? 

3. Looking back how do you evaluate Italy’s and WHO’s management of the pandemic? 

4. Based on your experience how does the virus impact the cardiovascular system? How do you prevent and manage cardiovascular complications in COVID-19 patients?

5. How has the last couple of months impacted the patients you see regularly?

6. What did you learn in Italy from this epidemic about healthcare management over the last years in your country?

7. Can you tell us about the emotional impact of the last couple of months?

8. In your view, how is the pandemic impact the future of your practice and healthcare management in general? Is there anything positive that could come out from COVID-19?

Recorded remotly from Lombardy, Italy. 

Interviewer: Mirjam Boros
Recorded by: Natascha Wienand