Valentina Puntmann

Valentina O Puntmann


Goethe University Hospital Frankfurt, Frankfurt, DE

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Dr Valentina Puntmann is Deputy Head of Department and senior clinical investigator with subspecialty interest in mutimodality cardiovascular imaging and conduct of clinical trials using imaging biomarkers. Her research projects focus on the development of novel imaging biomarkers for the detection of cardiovascular injury, supporting risk stratification, prevention and therapy. She is chief investigator of the International T1 Multicentre CMR Study on validation, standardization and translation of T1 mapping imaging for clinical use. She has authored over 50 papers and over 100 conference presentations. She has been lecturing on cardiovascular imaging and translational medicine on undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and has trained >30 fellows to SCMR level II or above.

Dr Valentina O Puntmann is on the Editorial Board of European Cardiology Review.

Articles by Valentina O Puntmann

Cardiac Involvement Due to COVID-19: Insights from Imaging and Histopathology

Valentina O Puntmann, Anastasia Shchendrygina, Carlos Rodriguez Bolanos, et al


Citation: European Cardiology Review 2023;18:e58.

ESC Congress 2022 Imaging Highlights

Valentina O Puntmann, Silvia Valbuena-López,


Citation: European Cardiology Review 2023;18:e12.

Contemporary Cardiac MRI in Chronic Coronary Artery Disease

Michalis Kolentinis, Melanie Le, Eike Nagel, et al


Citation: European Cardiology Review 2020;15:e50.

Advances in Cardiovascular MRI using Quantitative Tissue Characterisation Techniques: Focus on Myocarditis

Rocio Hinojar, Eike Nagel, Valentina O Puntmann, et al

Citation: European Cardiology Review 2016;11(1):20–4