AHA 2020: Findings From the THALES Trial

Published: 18 Nov 2020

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Prof Pierre Amarenco (Paris University, Paris, FR) discusses the Ticagrelor Added to Aspirin in Acute Ischemic Stroke or TIA of Atherosclerotic Origin trial. 
This randomized clinical trial posed the question whether ticagrelor plus aspirin is superior to aspirin alone in reducing disabling recurrent stroke at 30 days?
1. What is the background of this trial?
2. What was the design, patient population and endpoints?
3. What were the key results?
4. What conclusions can be made?
5. How should these findings influence future research/ practice?
Recorded remotely from Paris, 2020.
Recording Editor: Natascha Wienand
Interviewer: Mirjam Boros