AHA 2020: The AHA COVID-19 CVD Registry

Published: 18 Nov 2020

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The AHA COVID-19 Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Registry captures data on adult patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in over more than 150 hospitals across the US. 
Radcliffe meets with Dr James de Lemos (UT Southwestern Medical Center, TX, US), co-chair of the registry steering committee, to discuss the important role this registry plays in tackling the pandemic and understanding the complexities of CV complications associated with COVID-19.  

What is the background to this registry?
What data are you tracking and how many patients have you registered?
How did this registry come together and can this be a reference for future registries?
What are your findings to date?
What are the take-home messages?

Recorded remotely from Dallas, 2020.

Interviewer: Mirjam Boros
Videographer: Natascha Wienand