In 2020, women still only represent 16% of editorial boards1.


US Cardiology Review journal, has recently seen a 7-fold increase in female editorial board members in response to journal-based strategic initiatives and the stellar work of USC editorial board leadership, Ankur Kalra (Editor in Chief) and Bill Gogas (Deputy Editor in Chief), who were keen to drive this change. With thanks to Dr Anastasia Mihailidou’s tenure as a new board member and her suggested nominees, ten new female board members have recently joined US Cardiology Review’s editorial board.


In this latest episode of Parallax, Ankur Kalra invites newly nominated US Cardiology Review board members, Associate Professor Erin D Michos and Dr Danielle Belardo to talk about how we can turn talk into action.
Erin, Ankur and Danielle discuss gender disparity in the leadership of academic journalism. They talk about social media as a tool to connect with issues and people outside of their echo chambers. Danielle asks Ankur and Erin what would be their advice to early career faculty to get more involved. Danielle and Erin share their thoughts on their nominations and the ethos they hope to bring to their role as editorial board members.
What can we do to move the needle? What is the current stage of editorial boards? What could publishers do to achieve lasting changes?

1. Balasubramanian S, Saberi S, Yu S, et al. Women Representation Among Cardiology Journal Editorial Boards. Circulation 2020;141:603–605.


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