This week Parallax welcomed its first non-physician/researcher guest: health advocate Lindsay Davis. Lindsay, ballerina with ambitions to study at Julliard, was experiencing the symptoms of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) from her early teens, but she had not been diagnosed until she was 17. Years later, after her agents asked her to hide her heart condition when on film sets, she felt compelled to create a platform where she can share her experience and support others living with HCM.

In this episode Ankur asks Lindsay about her treatment path. Lindsay recalls her own journey to taking control of her condition and the important role of information in patient adherence. Lindsay, former Miss Ohio, talks how she used the pageant to create awareness. Lindsay talks about work in state legislation and her plans for 2021.

What is Lindsay Davis’ advice to other people living with a health condition? What is Lindsay’s message to physicians? How did Lindsay use her experiences to create positive changes in the lives of many?

Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. 
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