• EP 101: Translating Evidence, Innovations & Value for Patients with Dr John Mandrola

    In this insightful episode, we delve into Dr. Mandrola's career journey. He discusses how the beginnings of his career during a period of significant innovations and the reversal of expert opinions profoundly influenced his perspective on medicine, leading to a more conservative stance. Dr. Kalra then invites Dr. Mandrola to share the motivations that drive his work as a medical journalist and communicator, along with his methods of selecting studies to highlight in his writings and show.

  • EP 100: Conversation with Dr Valentin Fuster: Trust, Fulfilment & Leadership

    In this candid and rich episode, Dr Fuster invites us to contemplate the concepts of mentorship and trust by recounting pivotal moments from his life, revealing how these principles propelled him towards a life of fulfilment.

  • EP 99: ESC 23 Review: Interventional Trials with Dr Mirvat Alasnag

    Dr. Alasnag and Dr. Kalra provide a comprehensive review of the key highlights from ESC Congress 2023. Dr. Alasnag distills the background and latest evidence from key interventional trials, emphasizing their significance for patient care.
    Tune in to discover the strategies that Dr. Kalra and Dr. Alasnag are currently employing and gain insights into how these data will shape their future decision-making in the catheterization laboratory. Don't miss this informative discussion at the forefront of interventional cardiology.

  • EP 98: Hospital of the Future: AI, Sensors & Sustainability with Dr Jag Singh

    In this week's Parallax, Dr Ankur Kalra welcomes back Dr Jag Singh to discuss Dr Singh's recently published book, "Future Care," which delves into the exciting evolution of medicine over the next 5 to 10 years.
    As we adapt to the changes brought about by the pandemic, Dr Singh outlines the necessary steps to foster a reality in which we can utilize these technologies to create more time for human connection.

  • EP 97: Conversations about Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Differential Diagnosis, Genetic Testing & Patient-centric Therapy with Dr Owens

    In the finale of our series "Conversations about Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy", Dr Ankur Kalra welcomes, Dr Anjali Tiku Owens, for a dynamic and practical discussion.

    Dr Owens is Medical Director of the Center for Inherited Cardiac Disease and Associate Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

    This series is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Bristol Myers Squibb. Please see www.camzyosrems.com for important safety information.

    This content is intended for US-based physicians.

  • EP 96: Conversations about Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Navigating HCM Management Paradigms with Dr Masri

    In the second episode of our mini-series "Conversations about Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy", Dr Ankur Kalra sat down with Dr Ahmad Masri to have a deep-dive into the management paradigms of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), considering the evolution of medical therapy in recent years. Dr Ahmad Masri is a Cardiologist and the Director of OHSU Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Center.

    This series is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Bristol Myers Squibb. Please see www.camzyosrems.com for important safety information.
    This content is intended for US-based physicians.

  • EP 95: Conversations about Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Management

    Join Dr Ankur Kalra in this episode of our mini-series, "Conversations about Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy", as he engages in an in-depth discussion with Dr Carolyn Yung Ho. Together, they explore the journey from symptoms to diagnosis and management options for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).

    This series is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Bristol Myers Squibb. Please see www.camzyosrems.com for important safety information.
    This content is intended for US-based physicians.

  • EP 94: IU Anesthesia Grand Rounds: Religiosity/Spirituality in Medicine

    In this episode, Dr. Kalra explores the intersection of spirituality and healthcare, encouraging us to reflect on its significance for both patients and providers.

  • EP 93: Empowering Learners in Cardiovascular Education with Dr Kashou, Dr Anavekar & Dr Ellauzi

    Dr Ellauzi, Dr Anavekar and Dr Kashou share their passion for education and the devotion that drew them to the GCU. They explore the vision of GCU, which revolves around creating a community space where knowledge is shared, aligning with educational trends, and empowering learners. Through scientific content evaluation and a commitment to providing premium yet affordable materials, GCU embraces community ownership. As the team has grown, teachers and students now find themselves in the same virtual room, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

  • Ep 92: 3/3 Beyond Metrics: Redefining Success Through a Student-Centric Approach with Dr Nandan Anavekar

    In this inspiring conversation, Dr Anavekar and Dr Kalra discuss the education of postgraduate medical students and reflect on Dr Anavekar’s role as a Program Director. Dr Anavekar shares his motivations and the moral framework he uses to approach his responsibility towards his students.

  • Ep 91: Beyond Metrics: Reimagining Success in Academic Medicine with Dr Anavekar

    In this stimulating and thought-provoking episode, Dr. Kalra and Dr. Anavekar delve into the topic of measuring success in medicine. Dr. Anavekar puts forward the argument that the ambiguous definition of academic achievement often results in damaging biases that have long-term repercussions on the medical field. As a program director, Dr. Anavekar believes that the number of published articles should not be the only or most crucial criterion for evaluating early-career faculty. He argues that it's important to also consider the "distance travelled" by candidates. Dr. Kalra raises pertinent questions about the practical implications of this approach, and Dr. Anavekar provides candid insights into his responsibilities.

  • Ep 90: Academic Bullying Unmasked: Enablers, Effects & Solutions with Dr Täuber & Dr Mahmoudi

    Dr Mahmoudi and Dr Täuber teamed up to explore bullying in academic settings. Together with Dr Kalra they discuss why bullies thrive in such environments and the ways institutions enable such behaviour. Dr Täuber offers solutions and a critical overview of institutional narratives, while Dr Mahmoudi highlights the long-term effects on academic work and medicine. They call for action against toxic behaviour and for stakeholders to eliminate incentives for universities to support perpetrators.

  • Ep 89: Contemplative Self-Exploration & Outcome-Focused Cardiology with Dr Nandan Anavekar

    In 2018, the loss of a friend to suicide compelled Dr Anavekar to embark on a profound journey of contemplative self-exploration. Now, he uses his experience to encourage and guide trainees to pose thought-provoking questions that challenge the status quo of the materialistic approach to medicine, ultimately leading to a more outcome-focused perspective.
    What is the Global Cardiology University project? How does Dr Anavekar encourage trainees to re-examine their role in patient care? What is his advice to our listeners?

  • Ep 88: Leadership, Advocacy & Involvement in Your Local ACC Chapter with Dr Vijay Rao

    In the latest episode of Parallax, Dr. Ankur Kalra invites Dr Vijay Rao, the Governor of the Indiana Chapter of the American College of Cardiology, to share his experience and insights with the audience.
    As Dr Kalra asks Dr Rao about the ways in which early career faculty members can get involved with the organization at a state level. Dr Rao shares his insider tips and highlights key events where individuals can further their participation.
    How can you get involved with your local ACC chapter? How can you improve your leadership skills? What is Dr Rao’s advice for our listeners?

  • EP 87: Gut Microbiome and Heart Health: The 3 Compounds You Need to Know About with Dr Vuyisich

    Dr Vuyisich shares his personal journey with rheumatoid arthritis and how it led him to explore the intersection of nutrition and the gut microbiome function.
    He explains how the complexity of nutrition and the compounds generated by the gut microbiome can impact our health. We learn more about three compounds produced by our gut microbiome that have a strong connection with heart disease.
    Through this conversation, Dr Vuyisich invites us to reframe our approach to nutrition and prevention as a question of food education and data-driven science.

  • EP 86: The Year 2022 in Review with Dr Sukh Nijjer

    In this week’s Parallax Dr Kalra welcomes back Dr Nijjer for their annual review of the most impactful and controversial cardiovascular trials of 2022.

  • EP 85: Neurophilia Guest Episode: A Talk Between the Mind and Heart

    Neurocardiology refers to the intersection between the fields of neurology and cardiology. The mind and heart are deeply interconnected in terms of anatomy, physiology, and various pathologic states.

    This episode features a vascular neurologist and an interventional cardiologist who will discuss the relationship between their two fields of medicine.

  • EP 84: Mastering the Art of Patient Care with Dr Michelle Kittleson

    Coming from generations of doctors, Dr Kittleson describes herself first and foremost a dedicated clinician. With her new book, Dr Kittleson offers her mentorship and shares her advice on how to make patient care fulfilling for both clinicians and patients.
    In this rich and insightful discussion, Dr Kittleson talks about the origins of famous #kittlesonrules, a collection of tips for doctors shared on Twitter, and her thoughts on mentorship. We learn more about Mastering the Art of Patient Care. Dr Kalra and Dr Kittleson discuss strategies for managing difficult situations in patient care.

  • EP 83: Sham Peer Reviews: A Deep Dive with Dr Lawrence Huntoon

    Dr Lawrence Huntoon, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, returns for a deep dive into the topic of the hospital peer review system.

    What do you need to know about hospital investigations? What is the difference between OPPE and FPPE? How can you get educated on hospital bylaws and processes?

  • Ep 82: Hospital Peer Review Process: What You Need to Know as a Physician

    In this week’s Parallax Dr Kalra’s guests are the team that fought for justice in Dr Kaki’s case: Dr Lawrence R. Huntoon, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and Deborah Gordon, employment attorney.

  • Ep 81: @Medlife Crisis and Authenticity with YouTuber & Interventionalist, Dr Rohin Francis

    Rohin believes that authenticity is one of the keys of his videos’ success. When asked about his journey to medicine he summarises: “I was being rebellious and ended up doing the most cliché job for an Indian possible.” He turns the table and asks Ankur what he think is behind the stereotype of the Indian cardiologist.
    Rohin shares an advice that he received at the beginning of his career: “If you can deal with an average day, the exciting day will take care of itself.”
    Ankur asks Rohin about Medlife Crisis and the work that goes into producing a show followed by 500K people. Rohin reiterates his passion for research and science communication. Ankur and Rohin discuss what it means to be yourself on social media and what is Rohin’s advice to our early-career listeners.

  • EP 80: AHA’s Scientific Sessions: Science, Innovation and Community With Dr Manesh Patel

    Year on year, the organisers of the Scientific Sessions aim to give platform to cardiovascular science at its best: innovative, impactful, and collaborative.
    In this information-packed episode, Dr Patel takes us behind the scenes and talks about the work that goes into the curation of the programme and the considerations that shape the event. Dr Kalra asks Dr Patel about his highlights over the years and the movement and changes that he observed as vice chair and chair of the event. Dr Patel elaborates on the key late-breaking science trials in 2022. Dr Kalra and Dr Patel discuss the grading system of the award applications and share some useful information with our listeners.

  • Guest Episode: Exploring Art & Advancement Within Medicine

    This week's Parallax is hosting a guest episode recorded for Internal Medicine & Beyond. Tune in to this new podcast from Dr Varun Aitharaju.

    Exploring Art & Advancement Within Medicine - A Conversation with an Interventional Cardiologist.

  • EP 78: Your Guide to Lipoprotein(a) with Dr. Salim S Virani

    This week’s Parallax episode is focusing on the latest science and questions surrounding one of the conundrums of cardiovascular science: Lipoprotein(a).
    Dr. Ankur Kalra invites Dr Salim S Virani to help simplify the concept of Lp(a) with answering key questions about its measurement and its place in practice and prevention.

  • Ep 77: ESC 22 in Review With Dr Purvi Parwani: 5 Trials That Will Change Your Practice

    Back by popular demand, Dr Ankur Kalra's guest is Dr Purvi Parwani, Director of Women’s Cardiovascular Disease Clinic and Assistant Professor at Loma Linda University Medical Center, US. In this ESC 2022 edition of Parallax, Ankur asks Purvi to review her highlights of the congress. Purvi details the study design and key findings of each trial and provides her insights after attending the event in Barcelona. Ankur and Purvi discuss how each trial will inform their practice.

  • EP 76: Mission, Pakistan & Facing Heart Disease in an Underserved Community

    In this inspiring episode, Dr Ankur Kalra’s guest is Dr Sohail Khan, Chief Operating Officer at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in Karāchi.

    Dr Khan talks about education in the US and his decision to move back to Pakistan. Ankur asks Sohail about his new professional home: NICVD, a free clinic providing primary heartcare for Pakistanis. They discuss some of the innovations Dr Khan works on to improve patient care that utilise simple but effective interventions. We learn more about free screening clinics and about Dr Khan’s work on the largest ever study in Pakistan on association of Lpa and CV disease in South Asians.

  • EP 75: Leadership, Innovation & Professional Home with Dr Dipti Itchhaporia, ACC Immediate-Past President

    In this personal interview, Dr Itchhaporia recalls her early years and the influences and decisions that led her to medicine and cardiology. She talks about her connection to ACC and the importance of choosing a professional home where one can find their purpose under the mentorship of their community. Ankur asks Dr Itchhaporia about the most memorable moments of her presidency. They talk about South Asian identity and curbing CVD in this population.

  • EP 74: Modern Medicine & Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita with Dr Kavitha Chinnaiyan

    This nurturing episode focuses on questions that touch on what it is that we seek as human beings and how can we cultivate awareness and authenticity while practicing modern medicine. Ankur asks Kavitha about what it means to be spiritual as a cardiologist. Kavitha talks about the experiences made possible by mindfulness. They discuss the difference between conditioning and growth. Kavitha talks about burn out and how we could make changes by embracing medicine not only as a measurable science but as an art.

  • EP 73: Passion, Faith & Entrepreneurship with Prof Carolyn Lam, Clinician Scientist

    In this refreshing and spiritual episode Carolyn reflects on her journey and the decisions and mentors that shaped her career as a heart failure specialist, trialist and as a public speaker. Ankur and Carolyn dive into the question whether being balanced is what we should be all aiming for. Ankur asks Carolyn about her work as a co-founder of Us2.ai, a start-up dedicated to the automation of the fight against heart disease by applying AI to echocardiography.

  • EP 72: Burnout, Clinician Wellbeing & Reforming Medicine with Dr Fisher

    This week’s guest on Parallax is Dr Jonathan Fisher Cardiologist and Organizational Well-Being and Resiliency Leader at Novant Health.

  • EP 71: Cardiology News, Journalism & Leadership with Shelley Wood

    In this engaging episode, Ankur asks Shelley about her journey to medical journalism from theheart.org to TCTMD. Shelley recalls the early days of online news and shares her thoughts on what makes a content stand out in 2022. We learn more about the editorial decisions that go into leading one of the most trusted cardiology news services. Shelley, author of a bestselling novel, talks about how she balances her journalistic work with her creative writing.

  • EP 70: Technological Ecosystem, Innovation & Personalised Medicine with Dr Ami Bhatt

    In this engaging and in-depth episode, Dr Kalra and Dr Bhatt talk about the state of digital transformation today: They discuss the challenges and opportunities of telemedicine, artificial ‘collaborative’ intelligence and novel technologies that could enhance medical training. Dr Kalra asks Dr Bhatt about how she balances her responsibilities and her tips for approaching complex problems. Dr Bhatt also shares insights on the practicalities of her role as Chief Innovation Officer of ACC.

  • EP 69: Global Health, AI and Telemedicine with Dr Hunter Cherwek

    In this unique episode Dr Kalra and Dr Cherwek discuss highly innovative solutions in ophthalmology that could be implemented in cardiovascular medicine.
    They talk about AI assisted consultation, learning pathways incorporating simulators for early career practitioners and the Flying Eye Hospital. Dr Cherwek shares his experiences about working with local teams globally and the work that goes into setting up trials across the world.

  • EP 68: Public Health, Fighting Misinformation and TikTok with Dr Muhammad Siyab

    In a 1-minute video, wearing scrubs, Dr Siyab, Md voices his concerns over the decision to end mask mandate on certain US airlines. “The people that are so intensely against these mask mandates, they are not the ones who are taking buses or trains to get to work and get back home every day because they are part of the privileged class.” Dr Siyab’s mission is to be a voice of reason and appeal to those who are hesitant or against getting vaccines. His plight goes out to his 405.3K followers on TikTok every day.

  • EP 67: Guidelines, Inequality and Moving the Needle with Dr Devesh Rai and Dr Martha Gulati

    Why are we talking about inclusion, diversity, and equity? Recent years have seen many studies on the inequalities in representation of women in cardiology and yet the needle has not been moved as much as we hoped for. What does the data on the authorship of the guidelines tell us and what can be done to balance the scale?
    Dr Ankur Kalra’s guests this week are Dr Martha Gulati, internationally recognized cardiologist specializing in Women and Heart Disease, Heart Disease Prevention and Dr Devesh Rai, first year cardiology fellow at Rochester General Hospital.

  • EP 66: Goal Setting, Tenure Track & Positive Mindset with Dr Nadia Sutton

    In this engaging and constructive episode, Nadia recalls her journey to medicine and reflects on the life decisions she had to make along the way: What is the career path that will get us closer to our mission? When is the right time to start family planning? How can we develop resilience in face of rejection? Nadia recalls the conversations with her colleagues and mentors as she progressed in her career. She talks about the practical aspects of tenure track and grant application. Ankur and Nadia discuss the importance of goal setting and exercising a positive mindset.

  • EP 65: Industry Pathway ,“Who” Luck, and Thinking Big with Dr Shon Chakrabarti

    In this rich and candid episode, Dr Chakrabarti recalls the early stages of his career and the non-linear route that led to his transition from an interventional cardiologist to working on devices that focus on improving the treatment of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This journey was paved by self-reflection, hunger for tangible results, and connections with mentors who dared to dream big and wished the same for their mentees.

  • EP 64: Patient Advocate, CHD Care and the Mission of Team Uncle Joe with Joe Valente

    Parallax host Dr Ankur Kalra invites Joe Valente, a Board-Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) and Co-Founder of Team Uncle Joe, to talk about his mission and practical considerations involving CHD care both from a patient and a healthcare provider perspective. In this informative and practical episode, Joe shares details about the process of getting certified as a BCPA and about the work that goes into setting up a non-profit organization. We learn more about how he and his team can support patients with CHD and what he considers to be the pillar of good patient-doctor communication.

  • EP 63: Innovation, Research, and the Concept of Hemorrhagic MI with Dr Rohan Dharmakumar

    In this week’s Parallax podcast, Dr Ankur Kalra welcomes Dr Rohan Dharmakumar, Executive Director of the Krannert Cardiovascular Research Center at IU School of Medicine, to talk about his research on hemorrhagic myocardial infarction (MI).

  • EP 62: Bullying, Harassment and Jealousy at Workplace with Dr Srihari S Naidu

    In this week's Parallax, Dr Ankur Kalra is joined by Dr Srihari S Naidu, Director of Cath Labs and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Center at the Westchester Medical Center and President Elect of NY ACC, for an honest conversation on a challenging topic within the cardiology community.

  • EP 61: The Year 2021 in Review with Dr Sukh Nijjer — Top Trials in Heart Failure and Cardiac Surgery

    In the second part of Parallax’s review of 2021, Dr Sukh Nijjer, Interventional Cardiologist from Imperial College London, and Dr Ankur Kalra discuss key advances in the field of heart failure and cardiac surgery.

  • EP 60: The Year 2021 in Review with Dr Sukh Nijjer – Part 1

    In the last Parallax episode of the year, Dr Ankur Kalra welcomed back Dr Sukh Nijjer, Interventional Cardiologist from Imperial College London, to review the most impactful events and advances in cardiology from 2021.

  • Parallax AHA Edition: 3 Trials that will change your practice with Dr Amit Khera

    In this AHA 2021 episode of Parallax, Dr Ankur Kalra’s guest is Dr Amit Khera, Professor and Director of Preventive Cardiology at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas and Vice Chair of the Scientific Sessions. For this week’s show, Dr Khera selected three thought-provoking late-breaking trials that will inform or change clinical practice.

  • Parallax TCT Edition: 3 Trials that will Change Your Practice with Prof Mamas Mamas

    In this TCT 2021 episode of Parallax, Dr Ankur Kalra’s guest is Prof Mamas Mamas, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust (UHNM), Professor of Cardiology at Keele University and Senior Clinical Editor of TCTmd.

  • EP 57: Academic Success, Decision-making & Pragmatic Approach with Dr. Ambarish Pandey

    In celebration of Diwali, Dr. Ankur Kalra sat down with Dr. Ambarish Pandey, Assistant Professor at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, to talk about his career path and the questions that shaped his decision-making over the years.

  • Parallax HFSA Edition: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging with Dr Nancy M. Albert

    This week’s Parallax in collaboration with the Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) explores the many ways organisations can embrace the needs of a diverse community and create a culture that can react to the realities of patientcare.

  • EP 55: 5 Interventional trials that will change your practice: Review of ESC 21 with Dr Mirvat Alasnag

    In the second ESC 2021 episode of Parallax, Dr Ankur Kalra’s guest is Dr. Mirvat Alasnag, interventional Cardiologist and Director of Catheterization Laboratory at the King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital (KFAFH) in Saudi Arabia. Dr Alasnag was a programme committee member at this year’s ESC and regional PI of one of the late-breaking trials presented.

  • EP 54: 5 Trials that will change your practice: Review of ESC 21 with Dr Purvi Parwani

    In this special ESC 2021 edition of Parallax, Ankur asks Purvi to review the highlights of the congress. Purvi summarises the design and findings of the trials and their importance in the treatment of patients. Ankur and Purvi discuss how the novel data presented at ESC will inform their practice.

  • EP 53: Belonging, Sparkplug & Purpose with Dr Nasrien E Ibrahim

    Dr Ankur Kalra’s guest is Dr Nasrien Ezzeldin Ibrahim, Director of Heart Failure Clinical Research at Inova Heart and Vascular Institute and the writer of SPARKPLUG: The Roadmap to Confidently Ignite and Navigate Your Career Without Compromising Your Dreams.
    In this candid episode of Parallax, Nasrien and Ankur open up about their experiences of being an immigrant. Ankur asks Nasrien about her journey to medicine. Nasrien shares the lessons she took away from her years under the mentorship of Dr JoAnn Lindenfeld and later, Dr. James Januzzi. Finally, Nasrien shares her recent experience of writing Sparkplug and how she embraced life with its imperfections and found her purpose.

  • Parallax HFSA Edition: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging with Robert Mentz & Anuradha Lala

    This week’s episode starts a series in collaboration with the Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA). Host, Ankur Kalra’s guests are Robert Mentz and Anuradha Lala Senior Editorial Team of the Journal of Cardiac Failure (JCF), the official journal of the HFSA and the Japanese Heart Failure Society (JHFS).
    In this practical and insightful episode, Dr Kalra asks what does diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging mean to the editorial board of JCF and what were the steps taken to put these principles into practice.

  • EP 51: Industry Pathway, Misconceptions & Perspectives with Dr Sameer Bansilal

    This week, Dr. Ankur Kalra’s guest is Dr. Sameer Bansilal, Executive Director of U.S Medical Affairs of Cardiovascular and Renal at Bayer Pharmaceutical.

    Dr. Bansilal was an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai when he decided to seek an alternative pathway to make an impact on patients’ lives.

  • EP 50: Conversation with Dr Deepak L Bhatt: Physician, Researcher, & Mentor

    Early in his career, Dr. Deepak L. Bhatt was considering becoming a basic science researcher. After an exchange with one of his mentors about doing science for the science’s sake, he had a self-realisation: He wanted his work to have a direct impact on patient care.

    In the 50th episode of Parallax, Dr. Ankur Kalra’s guest is Dr. Deepak L. Bhatt leading physician, researcher, lecturer, and educator who has authored or co-authored over 1650 publications and was recipient of the ACC’s Distinguished Mentor Award in 2018 and AHA’s Distinguished Scientist Award in 2019.

  • EP 49: Workplace Hostility, Responsibility & Solutions with Dr Garima Sharma

    Dr Ankur Kalra’s guest this week is Dr Garima Sharma, Director of CardioObstetrics and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University as well as an investigator of the “Global Prevalence and Impact of Hostility, Discrimination, and Harassment in the Cardiology Workplace”.
    The American College of Cardiology surveyed cardiologists across the globe to have a more detailed understanding on the impact of hostility, discrimination, and harassment in the workplace. Of almost 6000 cardiologists who took part in the survey 44% reported hostile work environment.

  • EP 48: Supporting India During COVID: Prof Madhav Swaminathan, Duke Health and ASE Humanitarian Aid

    "A failure to finish is a failure to start"

    In this week's latest podcast episode, host, Ankur Kalra, MD, meets guest Prof Madhav Swaminathan (Duke University Health System, NC, US) to discuss how he has orchestrated a major humanitarian effort, in association with Duke University Health and The American Society of Echocardiography, to supply ventilation equipment and PPE to hospitals and NGOs during the current COVID-19 crisis in New Delhi, India.

    Hear them discuss the challenges and learnings associated with the supply chain, inventory, logistics and cost to deliver this humanitarian effort; which most recently resulted in $140,000 of life-changing equipment being delivered to four key hospitals in New Delhi. A most inspirational episode.

  • EP 47 CardioNerds Meets Parallax: An Examined Life with Dr Ankur Kalra, Cardiologist, Writer & Podcaster

    Over the past two years, Parallax listeners have gotten to know Dr Ankur Kalra through his conversations with our guests. In this episode, we turned the tables and invited CardioNerds co-founder Dr Amit Goyal to reintroduce Dr Ankur Kalra interventional cardiologist, researcher, writer, and the host of this podcast.
    In this candid and spiritual conversation Amit and Ankur take a journey through former episodes of Parallax and Ankur’s writings to explore what it takes to strive for a deeper knowledge of ourselves; or, as Ankur puts it, dharma, the inherent order of reality.

  • EP 46 Dr Eric Adler on Mission, Mentorship & Synergy Between Research & Patient Care

    According to Dr Eric Adler, at the core of all impactful research is a powerful narrative that makes us reflect on the human condition. In 2006, when the ground-breaking discovery was made that specialized cells can be turned into stem cells, Dr Eric Adler was thinking about how he could create a synergy between his passion for clinical work and his determination to ask compelling questions in research.

    Parallax’s guest this week is Dr Eric David Adler, Medical director of heart transplant and mechanical circulatory support at UC San Diego Health.

  • EP 45: The Journey of Dr Alin Gragossian, Physician, Heart Transplant Recipient & Advocate

    Dr Ankur Kalra’s guest is Dr Alin Gragossian, a critical care fellow, heart transplant recipient and advocate. In this episode, Alin talks about her journey as a patient, the psychological aspects of her recovery and her advocacy work. Ankur asks Alin about the mindset behind her sense of purpose and her dedication to help raise awareness of organ donation and young heart failure patients.

    How did Dr Gragossian receive her diagnosis? How does she feel about her new reality? What drives her? What is her message to our listeners?

  • EP 44: Refugee, Dishwasher, Cardiologist, Humanitarian: The Journey of Dr Heval Kelli

    How can we use our power and privilege to serve? How did his experiences shape Dr Kelli to become an ambassador for his community? What is his message to our listeners?
    Just after 9/11, Heval, the 18-year-old Syrian Kurdish refugee found a job as a dishwasher. At this point, he was the sole provider of his family. The pressure that comes from being poor did not leave him for many years. Today, he is firm believer in giving back to underserved communities by spreading awareness within the medical community. As he says, well-meaning people of privilege are sometimes afraid to act. What we need is more people to bridge the gap and find ways to help each other.

  • EP 43: Dr Nishtha Sodhi on Mentorship, Innovation and Inclusivity

    Dr Sodhi remembers the first time she stepped into a Cath lab and found her passion. Years later she was preparing to do a complex TAVR procedure with her colleagues when suddenly they all recognised the significance of four women coming together in the lab. The photo of the four of them was shared widely on social media. For Dr Sodhi it became a symbol of what great mentorship can achieve, and for many others it is a beacon of hope.
    What drives Dr Nishtha Sodhi? What were the formative moments of Dr Sodhi’s career? What are the new frontiers of cardiology?

  • EP 42: Dr Hafiza Khan on Trust, Patient Outreach and Instagram

    In one of her many posts on Instagram, we can see Dr Hafiza Khan holding a table summarising her reactogenicity after her second COVID shot. In the frame next to her is her son listing his own reactions. In this episode, Ankur asks Hafiza to talk about Instagram and reaching millennial and gen Z audiences, as well as the importance of developing and maintaining trust between different communities at a time of information overload.

  • EP 41: Mallory Abbott on Ebstein’s Anomaly, Self-Care & the Power of Gratitude

    Mallory was not prepared when she underwent her first heart surgery in seventh grade: She was hoping to regain her stamina, instead she experienced what she describes as a loss of self. Mallory was born with a rare heart disease called a Ebstein’s anomaly.

  • 40: Mentorship, Reflection & the Journey of Mandeep R Mehra

    How does Dr Mehra think about building opportunities? What were his formative experiences? How does he think about the role of mentorship in medicine? What is Dr Mehra’s message to our listeners?Dr Mehra does not frame his experiences as failures or successes; he looks at all events with one question in mind: What can I learn from this?

    In this week’s episode Ankur’s guest is Dr Mandeep R Mehra, Medical Director of Brigham Heart and Vascular Center and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

  • 39: The Year 2020 in Review with Sukh Nijjer

    In the first Parallax episode of 2021, Ankur welcomed back Sukh Nijjer from Imperial College London to review the most impactful events and advances in cardiology from 2020.

    Which COVID19 patients require risk stratification with a stress test? What are the take-home messages for physicians taking care of patients diagnosed with COVID19? What were the key trials of 2020? What can we learn from the negative results of the STRENGHT study? How have studies like STOP-AF influenced clinical practice?

  • 38: Martin B Leon on CRF, Mentorship and the Lessons of 2020

    In the Season 2 finale, Ankur Kalra is joined by the legendary Martin B Leon, Professor at Columbia University, director of the TCT and chairman emeritus of the CRF.

    What makes Dr Martin B Leon tick? What is his message to cardiologists and/or researchers at the beginning of their careers? How did the pandemic and his work as a clinician in New York change his perspective?

  • 37: Lindsay’s Law: From Ballerina to Health Advocate

    This week Parallax welcomed its first non-physician/researcher guest: health advocate Lindsay Davis. Lindsay, ballerina with ambitions to study at Julliard, was experiencing the symptoms of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) from her early teens, but she had not been diagnosed until she was 17.

    In this episode Ankur asks Lindsay about her treatment path. Lindsay recalls her own journey to taking control of her condition and the important role of information in patient adherence. Lindsay, former Miss Ohio, talks how she used the pageant to create awareness. Lindsay talks about work in state legislation and her plans for 2021.

  • 36: WiC, Mentorship and Diversity in Academic Publishing with Drs Erin D Michos & Danielle Belardo

    In 2020, women still only represent 16% of editorial boards.

    US Cardiology Review journal, has recently seen a 7-fold increase in female editorial board members in response to journal-based strategic initiatives and the stellar work of USC editorial board leadership, Ankur Kalra (Editor in Chief) and Bill Gogas (Deputy Editor in Chief), who were keen to drive this change. With thanks to Dr Anastasia Mihailidou’s tenure as a new board member and her suggested nominees, ten new female board members have recently joined US Cardiology Review’s editorial board.

  • 35: C Mike Gibson on Art, Medicine and Fatherhood

    One of the first things painted by the young Mike Gibson, today Professor of Medicine at Harvard, researcher and interventional cardiologist, was a cloud. Years later while painting angiograms Dr Gibson came up with the idea of myocardial blush: The blush was that cloud of dye in the heart muscle.

    In this episode, Mike opens up about his childhood in Stilwell, Oklahoma. Ankur and Mike discuss how the inductive quality of art can complement the deductive principles of science. Mike recalls earlier stages of his career and warns about the blinding effect of the ego-driven, competitive culture of cardiology. Ankur asks Mike about fatherhood and about his role as an educator. 

    What does it mean to be fearless as a medical professional? How can you protect yourself from the emotional toll of the profession? What is Mike’s advice to early career cardiologists?

    Sponsored by Edwards.

  • 34: Toolbox of an Analyst With Suzanne J Baron

    In this week’s episode Ankur Kalra asks Dr Suzanne J Baron, Director of Interventional Cardiovascular Research at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center: How do we measure the value of a novel technology?

    During her interventional cardiology fellowship, Dr Baron became fascinated by the implementation of novel technologies. She earned her degree in Clinical Epidemiology and spent a year working at the FDA’s Device Evaluation unit.

    In 2019 Dr Baron presented the results of her late-breaking trial, COAPT. Ankur invites Suzanne to discuss the economic analysis of the study and to give a short introduction to cost-effectiveness analysis. Suzanne provides an overview of the trial and they talk about the importance of understanding the value and benefits of new devices from both the patient and the health-economic point of viewpoint.

  • 33: Chuck Simonton on Leadership, Innovations and Industry

    In this week’s Parallax, host Ankur Kalra is joined by Charles (Chuck) Simonton, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Abiomed. Chuck talks about how his father’s leadership and service as a Methodist minister inspired him to become a doctor. He recalls the dawn of interventional cardiology: the birth of angioplasty and stenting. Drawing from his experiences as a trialist who worked with some of the most influential minds, he offers practical tips to young doctors. Finally, Ankur asks Chuck about the Impella device controversy and the recent decision of Abiomed to accelerate their clinical research.

    How should you start building a research programme? What are Chuck Simonton’s thoughts on the relationship between doctors and the industry? What is Chuck’s message to young cardiologists?

  • 32: Diagnosing and treating sexism in cardiology with Martha Gulati

    Martha Gulati, Professor of Medicine and the Chief of Cardiology at the University of Arizona joins Ankur Kalra to continue the important conversation on how the cardiovascular community can stand up against sexism.

    After the #MedBikini campaign provoked by a misogynistic study that scrutinized female doctors’ social media posts, this episode is about creating a safer environment for female healthcare professionals.

  • 31: Mending the Broken House of Cardiology With Roxana Mehran

    This week’s guest, Prof Roxana Mehran, Professor of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Founding Director of Women as One, is a phenomenon in interventional cardiology. Her pioneering work as clinician, trialist and advocate is well known within the community. In this episode, we learn what makes Roxana tick and what were the odds she had to defy as an immigrant from Iran to fulfil her ‘impossible dream’.

    The charity organisation, Women as One is an agent for women and men to be part of medicine that is built on talent, rather than a privilege. Roxana and Ankur discuss the role of mentorship and family-friendly work environment in mending the broken house of cardiology. Roxana talks about the practical tools that are available for women to take the next steps in their career and achieve their goals.

  • 30: Laura Mauri on career decisions, mentorship and advancing medicine

    This week’s guest is Dr Laura Mauri who became Vice President of Global Clinical Research and Analytics at Medtronic in 2018 after an illustrious career in academic medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

    Dr Kalra asks Dr Mauri about early influences and her traineeship with legendary interventionalists, the late Donald Baim and Richard Kuntz. Dr Mauri talks openly about her decision-making process and the importance of selecting your priorities and committing to them. Ankur asks Laura about her decision to go into industry. Laura shares her thoughts on medical innovations and meeting urgent needs with unique perspectives.

    What is Dr Mauri’s advice for a young cardiologist? How did she balance research and patient care? What are the questions that helped her decision making? How does Dr Mauri think about innovations in medicine?

  • 29: Addressing Institutionalized Racism in Healthcare with Drs Michelle Morse, Lauren Eberly and Aarti Bhatt

    In the early days of the Black Lives Matter movement, a group of internal medicine residents posed a question: What can we do about racial disparity within our institution? 

    Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Health Equity Committee decided to confront the status quo by asking: How is racism on a structural level present within our walls?

    Ankur Kalra’s guests Michelle Morse (Founding Co-Director of EqualHealth and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School) and Lauren Eberly (Cardiology Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania) are co-authors of a retrospective study that demonstrated what had previously only been observed: That black or brown heart failure patients ended up in general medicine rather than specialised cardiology services. Following the publication of the study in November 2019, the Health Equity Committee started to roll out anti-racism trainings and to work on objective admission guidelines to mitigate biased behaviours.

    Aarti Bhatt (Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Minnesota), member of the Minnesota chapter of Campaign Against Racism, talks about their initiative to support projects that have a positive impact on local communities on a global scale.

  • 28: Unified Pathways for Treating Structural Heart Disease: Anmar Kanaa’N & Joseph Lahorra

    Heart surgery is not the best option for every patient suffering from structural heart disease. This was recognized by interventional cardiologist Anmar Kanaa’N and cardiac surgeon Joseph Lahorra who decided to unify their skillsets and bring the Structural Heart Program to life. Their vision was to offer patients with heart valve diseases all available options at Cleveland Clinic’s Akron General.

    In this week’s Parallax, Dr Kanaa’N, the director of the program, and Dr Lahorra, chairman of the Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Department of Akron General introduce the listeners to the foundations of their program and the paradigm shift brought by TAVR.

  • 27: The New Reality of CVD Care With Grant W Reed, Director of the Cleveland Clinic’s STEMI Program

    The State of Ohio reported its first coronavirus cases on March 9. Prior to that, on February 28, the Cleveland Clinic announced that they are prepared to open 1,000 additional hospital beds if needed. Ohio was one of the states to follow recommendations and intervene quickly.

    Ankur Kalra asks Grant W Reed, Director of the Cleveland Clinic’s STEMI program, to reflect on the actions they took and the challenges of delaying cardiovascular procedures in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Dr Reed offers insight on the factors that influenced the Cleveland Clinic’s STEMI policy for COVID-19. Ankur and Grant discuss the triage considerations for patients with structural heart disease and the steps the clinic took to protect its healthcare workers.

  • 26: Stories to tell: Lisa Rosenbaum's journey to medical journalism at NEJM

    Lisa Rosenbaum has been writing extensively about the human face of medicine. Her articles have been widely circulated by publications like The New York Times, The New Yorker and The New England Journal of Medicine.

    In this edition of Parallax Dr Kalra asked Dr Rosenbaum about the influences that shaped her choices as a writer and as a healthcare professional. Dr Rosenbaum opens up about her childhood and how she connected to her grandfather through writing and medicine. We learn about Lisa’s first day at medical school and her latest writing project.

  • 25: Portrait Of A Clinician-Scientist During The COVID-19 Pandemic: Jag Singh MD PhD

    A week after Jag Singh had tested positive for 2019-nCoV, he became a patient in his hospital’s intensive care unit. This week he joins Ankur Kalra, MD to tell us about his journey as a clinician-scientist.

    Jagmeet P Singh, associate chief of the cardiology division at Massachusetts General Hospital and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School joins Ankur Kalra for a deep conversation about his journey across three continents. Dr Singh talks about the importance of choosing fulfilment over success. We gain more insights on the recent late-breaking trial, MADIT-CHIC focusing on cardiac resynchronization therapy. Ankur asks Jag about his experience of being on the other side of the healthcare system and his enrolment in the since halted remdesivir trial.

  • 24: COVID-19 Lessons And Learnings From Italy With Prof Michele Senni

    “It’s a tsunami not just a wave. The worst tsunami you can imagine”

    Prof Michele Senni is Director of Cardiology at Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, Bergamo Italy. He contracted COVID-19 himself and in this latest podcast he meets with Ankur Kalra, MD to discuss his personal experience in dealing with patients and COVID-19 in Europe’s outbreak epicentre.

    Hear them discuss the burden on healthcare, patient selection, the importance of testing and PPE and how COVID has resulted in a reduction of acute myocardial infarction and heart failure in patients.

  • 23: COVID-19 And Cardiovascular Disease

    “We are at war with a pandemic and the enemy is not each other, it’s the virus.”

    In this latest episode, Ankur Kalra, MD meets with Andrew Sauer, MD, co-author of an upcoming paper in US Cardiology Review on COVID-19 and Cardiovascular Disease that provides a concise and current summary of cardiovascular complications from COVID-19.

    Hear them discuss the latest issues surrounding the pandemic, the known cardiac implications and the rapidly emerging data.

  • 22: COVID-19 Lessons and Learnings From South East Asia

    In these unprecedented times, we provide an early release episode to gain insight on dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic from Deputy Editor in Chief of US Cardiology Review, a BDG interventional cardiologist, Bill Gogas, MD, PhD practising in East Asia.

    Hear Bill’s take on how East Asia responded to and successfully managed the pandemic and how they are now seeing a significant reduction in cases outside the epicentre. Hear how the strategy resulted in only 93 patients in Bill’s city of Nanjing, testing positive for coronavirus with a city population of 8 million.

    Learn about effective responses, the importance of early control and how as a cardiovascular physician, your life and practice may be impacted by the virus.

    Submit your question to Ankur via: podcast@radciffe-group.com.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

  • 21: The “Interventional Intensivist” With Ann Gage

    We can count on our fingertips how many interventional intensivists exist in the US.

    In this episode Ankur Kalra, MD meets with Dr Ann Gage, Cleveland Clinic’s first ‘interventional intensivist’. She discusses her unique skill set, what it means to be an interventionalist in the cath lab but also an expert in cardiovascular intensive care and advocates why such a unique skill set and critical care training are required in today’s modern medicine.

    Listen to this engaging discussion between them on the challenges of being a woman in cardiovascular medicine today.

    Submit your question to Ankur via: podcast@radciffe-group.com. Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

  • 20: The Staging Of Aortic Valve Disease: A Novel Approach With Joao Cavalcante

    Dr Cavalcante meets with Ankur Kalra, MD to discuss his recent review published in US Cardiology Review 13.2; on a new aortic stenosis staging system that has important implications for clinical outcomes following aortic valve replacements to aid the treatment of aortic stenosis.

    Listen to this, as well as an overview on his interesting childhood and his views on the future of cardiac imaging to treat TAVR.

    Submit your question to Ankur via: podcast@radciffe-group.com. Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

  • 19: Women In Cardiology With Kendra Grubb

    The first female cardiac surgeon qualified in the 1960’s. Today there are only 4.5% women in cardiology and only 4% in thoracic surgery. Ankur Kalra meets with Dr Kendra Grubb, the first women to be trained at the University of Virginia, US, on cardiothoracic surgery and the 250th board certified women in thoracic surgery.

    Her recent post on social media went viral. It was a photo of an all-women surgical team carrying out a complex structural heart procedure. It had over 100,000 views and was seen by people in over 75 different countries. It’s clear from this online reaction, that now is the time for women to be recognised for the work they are doing in medicine.

    Listen to this engaging discussion between them on the challenges of being a woman in cardiovascular medicine today.

    Submit your question to Ankur via: podcast@radciffe-group.com. Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

  • 18: The Year 2019 In Review With Sukh Nijjer

    In our final episode of the year, Ankur has an long conversation with Sukh Nijjer from Imperial College London about the most impactful, exciting and controversial clinical trials of 2019. Sukh and Ankur also discuss how these trials might change practice in the future, and how practice patterns and decisions differ between the US and the UK. In light of an emerging trend of shared decision making between physicians of different specialities and patients with a vast amount of information at their fingertips, Sukh and Ankur examine what tools they use to reconcile the growing data from clinical trials.

    Trials discussed in detail include those presented at the ACC in New Orleans: PARTNER 3 & Evolut Low Risk on TAVR/TAVI, and SAFARI & COAPT on radial vs femoral access; presented at the ESC in Paris: THEMIS and ISAR-REACT 5 on DAPT post-PCI, DAPA-HF on SGLT2i’s for heart failure, and COMPLETE on PCI of non-culprit lesions in STEMI; presented at TCT in San Francisco: TWILIGHT on DAPT post-PCI, and EXCEL at 5 years on PCI vs CABG in left main CAD; and finally, presented at AHA in Philadelphia: ISCHEMIA on medical vs invasive approaches in ischemic events. Submit your question to Ankur via: podcast@radciffe-group.com.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

  • 17: Rasha Al-Lamee On ORBITA, ISCHEMIA, Coronary Revascularisation & Stable Ischemic Heart Disease

    Recorded before the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions 2019, Ankur is joined by Rasha K Al-Lamee, Interventional Cardiologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London and Study Director of the Objective Randomised Blinded Investigation with Optimal Medical Therapy of Angioplasty in Stable Angina (ORBITA) trial. Rasha talks about how she got into academia, the significance of her end-of-training PhD, and what led to the genesis of ORBITA.

    Ankur and Rasha also discuss the findings and unanswered questions of ORBITA, and how recent research in coronary revascularisation and stable ischemic heart disease has (or has not) changed their clinical practice. Finally, in anticipation of its presentation at AHA 2019, Rasha gives an overview of the International Study of Comparative Health Effectiveness with Medical and Invasive Approaches (ISCHEMIA). Submit your question to Ankur via: podcast@radciffe-group.com.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

  • 16: Ajay J Kirtane On Fatherhood, Cardiology, Research & Even A Little Karma Yoga

    In Episode 16, Ankur spoke with Ajay J Kirtane on why he became a cardiologist, how he fell into academic research, and why the cardiology specialty is heavy with people of Indian origin.

    Ajay also talks about how he has negotiated between competing priorities in clinical and academic work, and how he manages fatherhood with a busy career. Ahead of the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2019, Ajay also shared what he thinks we can expect from the highly anticipate ISCHEMIA trial. Submit your question to Ankur via: podcast@radciffe-group.com.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

  • 15: Gregg W Stone On Becoming A Clinician, Trialist And Educator

    How did Gregg from Cleveland, Ohio become Gregg W Stone MD, world-leading interventional cardiologist and clinical trialist? This week, Ankur had the pleasure of speaking to Gregg about his personal and professional journey through the ‘golden years’ of interventional cardiology.

    Gregg also shares his tips on how to progress from clinical practice to academic research, and what it takes to be a successful clinical investigator. Finally, Gregg shares with Ankur what personality traits he looks for in mentees and why presenting a final project is not enough. Submit your question to Ankur via: podcast@radciffe-group.com.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

  • 14: Establishing An Academic Career: A Discussion With Neal S Kleiman

    Recorded on site at TCT, COAPT investigator Dr Neal Kleiman and Ankur discuss the realities of establishing an academic career as an interventional cardiologist. Neal explains why it is important to wear multiple hats and balance academia with a clinical presence.

    Digging more into the practicalities of everyday work-life, Neal reflects on the challenges of reporting to multiple bosses who have different goals, and how geography enabled him to move between cathlab and academia. Neal also shares what he looks for in early career academic cardiologists. Submit your question to Ankur via: podcast@radciffe-group.com.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

  • 13: 2/2 Srihari S Naidu On Work-Life Balance: How To Get It Right

    Hari joins Ankur for a second episode to share his tips on how to maintain a healthy work-life balance as an ambitious cardiologist and his key tips of cultivating a career in leadership positions. What ‘makes’ balanced work versus balanced life? Should the two overlap and if yes, how much? How do you prioritise ‘life’ when trying to build a career? Do you really need to become an expert in multitasking? What’s the key to managing a team effectively and successfully?

    Ahead of TCT 2019, Ankur and Hari also talk about which trials presented in San Francisco they are most excited about! Submit your question to Ankur via: podcast@radciffe-group.com. Guest @SrihariNaiduMD.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

  • 12: 1/2 Srihari S Naidu On Mentorship: Following Your Strength

    In this episode, Srihari S Naidu shares his career tips for young, ambitious cardiologists and what he has learnt about mentorship from his numerous leadership positions. Hari elaborates on the different types of mentorship, the importance of developing non-academic skills, why you should focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses, and the fickle art of managing one’s public/private personas as a young cardiologist in an era of social media.

    Having recently applied for the programme himself, Ankur also speaks with Hari about the history, purpose and future of the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (SCAI) Emerging Leader Mentorship (ELM) Fellowship Programme. Submit your question to: podcast@radciffe-group.com. Guest @SrihariNaiduMD.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

  • 11: 3/3 Burnout & Resilience With Kavitha Chinnaiyan: Practicing Self-Care To Avoid Burnout

    What are the key pillars of self-care and what do dirty windshields have to do with it? How can you take meditation “off the matt”? What has chronobiology and Ayurveda taught us about working with, rather than against, our circadian rhythm?

    In the final episode of our burnout and resilience series, Kavitha and Ankur give you some practical tools of self-care to help you avoid burnout. Kavitah Chinnaiyan, MD, is an award-winning author and, Cardiologist and Director of Cardiac CT Research at Beaumont Health, MI. Send us your thoughts to this episode for Ankur to share in future episodes: podcast@radciffe-group.com. Guest @ChinnaiyanMD.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

  • 10: 2/3 Burnout & Resilience With Kavitha Chinnaiyan: How Mindfulness And The Ego Interact

    What does mindfulness have to do with burnout? Is our definition of success driving our stress and anxiety? How can we channel our ego into something positive?

    In our second episode on burnout and resilience, Kavitah Chinnaiyan, MD, and Ankur take a deeper dive into mindfulness and training the brain to move from Default-Mode to Task-Positive Networks. Kavitah is an award-winning author and, Cardiologist and Director of Cardiac CT Research at Beaumont Health, MI. Send us your thoughts to this episode for Ankur to share in future episodes: podcast@radciffe-group.com. Guest @ChinnaiyanMD.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

  • 09: 1/3 Burnout & Resilience With Kavitha Chinnaiyan: Moral Injury, Competition & Individualism

    How do you nurture resilience in the midst of competition, envy and individualism? What is moral injury? Is the current healthcare landscape driving physicians to burnout? Are we too focused on data and study results? These are some of the questions discussed by Kavitah Chinnaiyan, MD, award winning author and Cardiologist and Director of Cardiac CT Research at Beaumont Health, MI, and host Ankur, in the first episode of this three-part series on burnout and resilience. Send us your thoughts to this episode for Ankur to share in future episodes: pocast@radciffe-group.com. Guest @ChinnaiyanMD.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO. 

  • 08: Diversity, Inclusion & Leadership: A Discussion With Madhav Swaminathan

    Madhav Swaminathan joins Ankur Kalra for a dynamic conversation about diversity, inclusion and leadership. Madhav shares how, as President of large organisation like the American Society of Echocardiography, he works to create an inclusive platform with opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

    Ankur and Madhav also discuss positive traits of leadership, why we should embrace failure and the importance of mentorship throughout all stages of one’s medical career. Send us your comments to this episode for Ankur to share in future episodes: pocast@radciffe-group.com. Guest @mswami001.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

  • 07: Demystifying The Wall Portraits In Medical Halls With Harriette GC Van Spall

    Following the recent controversy surrounding physician portraits displayed in medical hallways, Ankur spoke to Harriette GC Van Spall MD to unpick this hot topic brought back to life by a recent article penned by Jeffrey Flier (former Dean of Harvard Medical School) in The Boston Globe.

    Harriette is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Department of Medicine, Cardiology and the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact at McMaster University and the Population Health Research Institute in Hamilton, ON, Canada. In this episode, Ankur and Harriette discuss why this issue is so contentious, what the current state of medical walls represents, why this may be an issue and what alternative medical walls could look like. Harriette also shares her thoughts on how this topic relates to the maintenance of hierarchical power structures in academic institutions, calling for more collaborative leadership and management styles. Guest @hvanspall.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO. 

  • 06: Danielle Belardo @TheVeggieMD On A Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet And Cardiovascular Health

    In celebration of this month’s ‘National Eat Your Vegetables Day’, this week’s guest is @TheVeggieMD, one of the most prominent physicians on social media! Dr Danielle Belardo MD is a Cardiology Fellow, American Board of Internal Medicine certified and a member of the American College of Cardiology Nutrition and Lifestyle Sub-Committee.

    In this episode, Ankur and Danielle speak about the evidence in favour of a whole-food plant-based diet to improve cardiovascular health, the ACC prevention guidelines, how to talk to patients about positive dietary change, the issue of lack of nutrition training in cardiovascular fellowships and what Danielle’s diet looks like as a busy whole-food plant-based cardiology fellow. On her own podcast ‘Nutrition Rounds’ Danielle has discussions about evidence-based plant-based nutrition with physicians who are leading experts in nutrition and health.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCardiology.

  • 05: Role Of Drug-Coated Balloons In Small-Vessel CAD With Emmanouil S Brilakis And Michael Megaly

    Listen to our first episode with two guests! Ankur spoke with Emmanouil S Brilakis, MD and Michael Megaly, MD from the Minneapolis Heart Institute, Abbott Northwestern Hospital about their article on the role of drug-coated balloons in small-vessel coronary artery disease (SVD) published in US Cardiology Review 13.1. Percutaneous coronary intervention of SVD remains challenging due to difficulties with device delivery and high restenosis rate, making drug-coated balloons an attractive emerging option in patients with SVD.

    In this brilliant conversation, Ankur, Emmanouil and Michael unravel the potential advantages, challenges and practical realities of using drug-coated balloons in SVD, and the findings of the latest randomised controlled trials studying this area.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCardiology. [Disclaimer: The use of drug-coated balloons in coronay intervention is still off-label; it has not been approved by the FDA.]

  • 04: J Dawn Abbott On Recent Developments In Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

    We have observed a lot of developments in percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) over the past 12 months with the publication of various studies and trials. This week, Ankur spoke with J. Dawn Abbott, MD, Associate Professor of Cardiology at Warren Medical School of Brown University about her recently published US Cardiology Review 13.1 article on the significant developments in PCI over the past 12 months.

    Dawn is an associate editor of the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions and is widely known for her research program on PCI and peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Ankur and J. Dawn discuss multiple trials/studies that were published in 2018, including ORBITA, PIONEER-II and ABSORB. J. Dawn also shares her thoughts on the latest stent technologies.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCardiology.

  • 03: Athena Poppas on Effective Management of Hypertension

    This week’s podcast guest needs no introduction! Prof Athena Poppas is one of the most widely known cardiologists in the US and current Vice-President of the American College of Cardiology! Ankur spoke to Athena about her recently published US Cardiology Review 13.1 article on whether early management of hypertension by GPs can improve outcomes.

    They discuss the importance of preventative medicine, their experience of reducing hypertension with non-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical methods, and the significance of the integrated “team approach” when treating comorbid conditions such as hypertension. Athena also shares her thoughts on cardiologists’ responsibility to shape their patients’ lifestyle choices.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCardiology.

  • 02: Role Of High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin In ACS

    Ankur is back with his second #AudioArticle! This week he spoke with Santiago Garcia from the Minneapolis Heart Institute about Santiago’s US Cardiology Review 13.1 article on the role of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin (hscTn) assays and their ability to rapidly rule in or rule out acute coronary syndrome (ACS) with improved sensitivity.

    Chest pain is one of the most common reasons for an emergency room visit in the US, with almost 6 million ER visits annually, yet there is no consensus on how to compare the results from various hscTn assays. Tune in to hear Santiago outline the advantages and limitations of using hscTn as a standard biomarket to evaluate patients with suspected ACS in the ER.

    Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCardiology.

  • 01: Conduction Abnormalities After TAVR/TAVI With Chad Kliger

    In our first episode, Ankur explains his vision for and inspiration to start ‘Parallax’, and speaks with Chad Kliger from Lenox Hill Hospital in New York about conduction abnormalities after transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR/TAVI), a review article published in US Cardiology Review 13.1 Ankur and Chad look at conduction abnormalities after TAVR/TAVI with a focus on basic conduction system anatomy in relation to the aortic valve, the mechanism, incidence, predisposing factors for occurrence, impact on mortality and finally, proposed treatment algorithms for management. Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCardiology.