Years ago, Dr Bhatt, an early adopter of telemedicine, had difficult news for her patient that she wanted share with him in person. Her patient was resistant and they scheduled a video meeting. The patient asked Dr Bhatt to let him hear the news surrounded by his family in the safety of his home. Dr Bhatt learnt that she needed to listen to patients about how they want to be told things and how these interactions might effect them.

This week’s guest on Parallax is Dr Ami Bhatt, Chief Innovation Officer of ACC, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and Director of the ACHD program at Massachusetts.

In this engaging and in-depth episode, Dr Kalra and Dr Bhatt talk about the state of digital transformation today: They discuss the challenges and opportunities of telemedicine, artificial ‘collaborative’ intelligence and novel technologies that could enhance medical training. Dr Kalra asks Dr Bhatt about how she balances her responsibilities and her tips for approaching complex problems. Dr Bhatt also shares insights on the practicalities of her role as Chief Innovation Officer of ACC.

What is the next frontier in cardiovascular medicine? How can we best utilise available technology in medicine? What is Dr Bhatt’s advice to our audience?

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