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Meetings of the members of the Slovak Hypertension Society of SLS and the Working Group on Preventive Cardiology- of Slovak Society of Cardiology in Zilina has become a tradition. We organize the summit in this city the SHS event for the fourth time. Traditions are equally necessary for the life of a professional company and the work of doctors like new insights, progress and innovation. Doctors in practice as well as doctors in research should have their progressive work, courageous scientific visions, while standing well in the foundation of classical medical knowledge, and ethical security.

A well-programmed Annual Expert Congress should provide and link several objectives: good education, providing information on new diagnostic and therapeutic trends brought by medicine based on on the evidence for the other year and the latest results of the research work of the members of the company and invited guests. ... And mix it all so there is plenty of time to discuss both the program and the rounds. We believe it is we were able to meet these goals when preparing the program. In addition to classical educational programs blocks of topics on the latest results of diagnostics and treatment of hypertension and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. We have approached a number of professional companies with whom we work well to prepare lecture blocks of lectures with a view of the problems from another angle.

At the very beginning of the program on Thursday, four speakers will speak of prominent speakers from abroad and from Slovakia. We believe they will be the magnet of the first day of the congress. You will find the Friday program block of the Czech Society for Hypertension with an excellent occupation of lecturers.

We especially appreciate that the members of the SHS this year sent plenty of original abstract work, including case reports. We see the signs that the membership base is professionally active and has an interest in presenting its own work in the scientific program at the top congress of the company. Despite not easy working conditions in clinical, outpatient and scientific workplaces, many have found time to systematically process own results and clinical observations. The Bureau of the BHS has decided to appreciate it in a significant way the best original work and the best case report that will be celebrated at the event.

We wish that you, all lecturers and those "passive" attendees (but we believe very actively discussing) you can find a lot of useful information in the professional program as well as suggestions for your work or your bed patient, outpatient or clinical and basic research.

We want to invite you to the General Assembly of the SHS, which will take place on Saturday. He will inform about the company's current activities, plans for the future, and gives you room to speak in the discussion reminders and suggestions.

We wish you a beautiful Easter period and after that we look forward to a personal meeting in Žilina.

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