Japanese Society Of Hypertension 41st Annual Scientific Meeting 2018

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The 41st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hypertension will be held in Asahikawa (venues: Asashikawa Civic Culture Hall, Hoshino Resorts OMO7 Asahikawa) from Friday September 14 to Sunday September 16 2018. The meeting was last held in Asahikawa 13 years ago in 2005, when it was chaired by Dr. Kenjiro Kikuchi. I am deeply grateful to the members of the Japanese Society of Hypertension for the opportunity to hold it in Asahikawa again.

Hypertension is a risk and aggravating factor for various lifestyle-related diseases. As internists treating the circulatory organs, respiratory organs, nervous system and kidneys, we have constantly had an awareness of hypertension medicine in relation to multiple organs. In order to control complications of hypertension that extend to many different therapeutic areas, we have to bring together knowledge and techniques from a wide range of disciplines. The sharing idea of this meeting is that we should go back to medical basics and look at the body as a whole.

The precision medicine has appeared as a concept in between standardized and personalized medicine. It is now time where we can benefit greatly from the integration of cutting edge basic research and advanced medical care. At the same time, preventive medicine is another key issue in the treatment of hypertensive patients including the elderly. This new trend in medicine and medical care requires new evolutions in hypertension treatment. Although the certified educator in the prevention and treatment of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases system has been introduced to promote team medical care, in ordinary clinical practice, hypertension is often treated by many non-specialist physicians. Therefore, our society also aims to contribute to further improvement in the routine treatment of hypertension in clinical practice. The encouragement of young researchers to play an active role and participation of both men and women are on track, while public educational programs to improve health check-up results in the general population are also being steadily conducted.

On this background, we have chosen “Interdisciplinary and interprofessional evolution in hypertension research” as the theme of the scientific meeting. It seeks evolution through further expansion in various fields, therapeutic areas and among professions as well as in geographical regions. It is our hope that, in consideration of the diversity in the area of hypertension, a pledge will be made to the further development of hypertension medicine and its treatment at the meeting.

At a time when prolonging life in good health is being called for, the meeting aims to resolve the hypertension paradox. Moreover, in response to the revisions of the ACC/AHA and ESC/ESH guidelines and the results of SPRINT-J that will be presented, the meeting will provide a perspective for the revisions of the JSH2019.

At the time of the meeting, Mt. Daisetsu national park will have its fall colors and you will be able to enjoy the many different tastes of Hokkaido at “Tabe Marché” (gourmet food market) in Asahikawa. We will also arrange for you to try Asahikawa ramen (noodles) and go for a relaxing walk in “Hyoten no mori” (Freezing Forest). In addition, a visit to the popular Asahiyama Zoo is recommended. We look forward to seeing you at 41st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hypertension.

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