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8th Argentine Arrhythmia Congress 2018

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Dear friends and colleagues, welcome to the website of the 8th Argentine Congress of Arrhythmias (CAA) , whose organization is underway. With great enthusiasm and responsibility, we have assumed the commitment to carry out the challenge of maintaining the level of previous congresses.

The CAA has earned a place among the most outstanding events of the specialty at an international level. The quality of the speakers, foreign guests, number of attendees and high level of the scientific program make it today considered the most important Spanish-speaking arrhythmia congress in all of Latin America.

The scientific program is ambitious, and attempts to cover the most important and current aspects of electrophysiology and device management. Complementing the central program, Joint Sessions with EHRA and LAHRS , the Annual Meeting of the FIAI , the Arrhythmia Symposium in Pediatrics , and the Seminar for Technicians in Electrophysiology, with the participation of Nurses , have been organized . In addition, the Symposiums of the sponsoring companies , to whom we especially express our gratitude for the usual support, without which this congress would be unfeasible.

As is known, the congress is organized jointly by the Arrhythmia Committee of FAC , the Arrhythmia Council of SAC , and the SADEC , with rotating positions of the Organizing Committee and Scientific Committee. Beyond that, all the colleagues of the specialty collaborate year after year, in a disinterested way, as a true sample of federalism and that the flags of science overcome all the barriers.

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