73rd Brazilian Congress Of Cardiology 2018

The preparations for the 73rd Brazilian Congress of Cardiology, which will take place from September 14 to 16, 2018, in Brasilia, are in full development. Your participation is of fundamental importance to illuminate this event, and SBC, which is the "House of the Cardiologist", through its Board of Directors has been committed and worked to make this event a great contribution to your medical activity.

At this congress in Brasilia, we will have a program that aims to update relevant topics in cardiology, approaching technology, perspectives and, mainly, subjects focused on clinical practice. Topics are suggested by SBC departments, regional and partners, which will be evaluated and adapted by the Congressional Scientific Commission (CECon) to provide a comprehensive program that includes appropriate retraining for clinical cardiologists and subspecialties. Foreign participation will be equally important, with the participation of several institutions and societies worldwide with which SBC maintains close scientific relationship.

In addition to all the scientific aspects to be treated, their presence will greatly contribute to the great fraternization and meeting of Brazilian Cardiology.

The Heart of Brazil will be at the center of the nation. We will be with open arms waiting for you!

Start date
Friday, September 14, 2018
End date
Sunday, September 16, 2018
CICB - International Convention Center of Brazil,
SCES Trecho 2, Conjunto 63, Lote 50 - Asa Sul, St. de Clubes Esportivos Sul Trecho 2
Phone: (11) 3061-1495
15° 48' 58.4676" S, 47° 50' 42.2124" W

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