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39h Panhellenic Congress of Cardiology 2018

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On the occasion of the beginning of my term as President of the Hellenic Society of Cardiology, a position I am honored to have after having been elected two years ago, I would like to share with you the main axes of the actions that the new Board of Directors will strive to implement in the years 2017-2019.

It goes without saying that the positive work of all the previous Boards and Presidents provides a strong foundation on which we will rely on in order to achieve the goals of the HCS and from this position I would like to thank them and state that their experience will always be helpful and welcome. I would also like to emphasize that I am particularly pleased with the composition of the current BOD, where the new ideas and past experience are combined with the spirit of cooperation and teamwork.

The basic principles of the BOD action plan are representativeness, transparency, economic rationalization, team effort and setting realistic goals. In this context, other people apart from the members of the BOD will be asked to contribute to our efforts and also after every BOD meeting (on the first Tuesday of each month) you will be informed via the newsletter and through the HCS website on the main issues discussed during the meeting.

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