Tamara García Camarero

Interventional Cardiologist

Department of Interventional Cardiology, Hospital Universitario Marques de Valdecilla, IDIVAL, Santander, Spain


Dr Tamara García Camarero obtained her medical degree at the University of Cantabria, Spain. She completed her training as Cardiologist and later on as an Interventional Cardiologist at the Marques de Valdecilla Hospital in Santander, Spain where she is currently part of the department of Interventional cardiology since 2010.

She obtained a medical research degree in 2007 and participates actively in many research studies, being her main research interests the intravascular imaging and the coronary artery disease where she is co-author of more than 30 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals.

She is now working on her PhD based on patients with clinically accelerated atherosclerosis.

She is also involved in teaching through simulation and is a certified instructor by the institute for Medical Simulation in Boston.

Articles by Tamara García Camarero, Interventional Cardiologist

Antithrombotic Treatment After Coronary Intervention: Agreement and Controversy

Tamara García Camarero, José M de la Torre Hernández,


Citation: European Cardiology Review 2020;15:e07.