Sabiha Gati

Sabiha Gati

Cardiovascular and Cell Sciences Research Institute, St. George’s, University of London, London, UK

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Dr Sabiha Gati is currently based at St. George’s University of London and University Hospital Lewisham, undertaking research in the field of inherited cardiac diseases. Her research is specifically isolated left ventricular non-compaction cardiomyopathy.

Articles by Sabiha Gati

The Female Athlete’s Heart: Overview and Management of Cardiovascular Diseases

Silvia Castelletti, Sabiha Gati,


Citation: European Cardiology Review 2021;16:e47.

MI with Non-obstructive Coronary Artery Presenting with STEMI: A Review of Incidence, Aetiology, Assessment and Treatment

Ying X Gue, Rahim Kanji, Sabiha Gati, et al


Citation: European Cardiology Review 2020;15:e20.

Cardiovascular Management of Adults with Marfan Syndrome

Yukiko Isekame, Sabiha Gati, Jose Antonio Aragon-Martin, et al

Citation: European Cardiology Review 2016;11(2):102–10