Rodney Falk

Associate Professor



Dr Rodney Falk is a prominent figure in the field of cardiology, holding the esteemed position of director for the Cardiac Amyloidosis Program and serving as a specialist in cardiovascular medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH). In addition, he is an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, reflecting his involvement in both clinical practice and academia. 

Dr Falk's academic journey commenced with the acquisition of his medical degree from the University of Birmingham Medical School in the United Kingdom. His rigorous training encompasses a trio of residencies: one in internal medicine at Brook General Hospital, another in internal medicine at City Hospital, and a cardiology program at King's College Hospital, all situated in London, UK. Complementing his extensive background, he furthered his expertise with a cardiology fellowship at Harvard School of Public Health, emphasizing his dedication to continued learning and professional development. At the heart of his professional pursuits lies a profound dedication to the study of cardiac amyloidosis, a rare and intricate disease. 

Dr Falk's research endeavors are centered on unraveling the complexities of this condition and advancing innovative treatment modalities. Significantly, his research has garnered the support and recognition of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), underscoring the importance and impact of his work within the medical community. Dr. Falk's contributions in the field of cardiology, coupled with his unwavering commitment to enhancing our comprehension of cardiac amyloidosis, have had a profound influence on patient care and clinical knowledge.