Pedro Brugada

Pedro Brugada

Head of Heart Rhythm Management Centre

University of Brussels, UZ-Brussel-VUB, Belgium

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Dr Pedro Brugada serves as the Head of Heart Rhythm Management Centre at Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel. Dr Brugada serves as a Member of European Advisory Board at Cryocor, Inc. and Member of Scientific Advisory Board of Axiogenesis AG. Dr Brugada is a professor of Onze Lieve Vrouw Ziekenhuis Aalst, Belgium.

Together with his brothers Josep Brugada and Ramon Brugada, he is one of the namesakes of Brugada Syndrome , a rare and usually hereditary disease of the heart , which can lead to sudden death by ventricular fibrillation in seemingly healthy people .

Reasearch areas

Atrial Arrhythmias


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