Acticor/Rivacor ICD and CRT-D Devices: First Impressions

Published: 24 May 2019

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Prof Pedro Brugada (Brussels University Hospital, BE) discusses Acticor/Rivacor ICD and CRT-D devices.


  1. With more patients using digital technology, do you believe that BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring will be a service that patients request for themselves or their families? How do you think patients can influence clinicians’ daily practice and device selection?
  2. Why do you consider BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring relevant for CRT patients?
  3. Acticor and Rivacor CRT-Ds feature CRT Autoadapt, which automatically monitors and alters the patients individual CRT pacing configurations based on the minute-by-minute interventricular conduction timing. How do you think continuous CRT optimization, and potentially LV only pacing, helps CRT therapy?
  4. Acticor ICDs and CRT-Ds are only 10 mm slim, with a smooth, elliptical and body-friendly shape. Why does size and shape matter when it comes to ICDs and CRT-Ds?
  5. Acticor devices feature an extended battery life. Why are longer lasting devices beneficial? And for which patients do you consider a high longevity most important?