In this episode of the Radcliffe Podcast, we are joined by Dr Mirvat Alasnag (King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital, SA), Dr Khalid AlJohani (King Saud University, SA), and Dr Abdulrahman AlMoghairi (Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, SA) as they discuss methods and approaches to left main percutaneous coronary revascularization.

In this podcast, Dr Alasnag, Dr AlJohani and Dr AlMoghairi discuss the current guidelines for left main PCI, the techniques they use to position and optimise left main ostial stents, and intracoronary imaging to assist stent placement in the left main artery. They also discuss recent research into left main PCI, including the conflicting results of the EBC Main and DK Crush V trials. Dr AlMoghairi then outlines his thoughts towards mechanical circulatory support in left main stenting. Finally, Dr Alasnag, Dr AlJohani and Dr AlMoghairi discuss the gaps in knowledge and opportunities for future research, including operator training and geographic differences in left main PCI.

What are the latest developments in left main percutaneous coronary intervention? Where are the knowledge gaps?

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