Advancing Syncope Diagnosis: Practical Application of the 2018 ESC Syncope Guidelines

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This webinar aims to provide healthcare professionals with practical implementation guidance on the diagnosis of syncope patients and follow-up care based on the 2018 ESC Syncope Guidelines.

Performed By:

Jayne Mudd

Jayne Mudd

Jean-Claude Deharo

Jean-Claude Deharo

Moderated By:

Rose Anne Kenny

Rose Anne Kenny

This webinar is supported by:

Key Learning Objectives

  • increase knowledge and competence around managing the syncope patient, according to 2018 ESC guidelines on syncope.
  • understand practical implementation strategies of the guidelines.
  • apply guideline diagnostic measures for syncope care.
  • make diagnostic and cost-effective decisions to determine the cause of syncopal episodes.

Target Audience

  • Cardiologists and electrophysiologists
  • Internal medical professionals/primary care
  • Emergency physicians/nurses
  • Geriatricians

Faculty Biographies

Jayne Mudd

Jayne Mudd

Mrs. Jayne Mudd is a nurse consultant in Cardiac Rhythm Management at the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, UK. Since being appointed as a specialist nurse in arrhythmia management in 1999, Jayne has led a team of nurses that specialize in arrhythmia and syncope management and is lead-nurse in arrhythmia and syncope services across the community and in tertiary settings. Her team has led many innovative projects which have been recognized with several national awards.

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Jean-Claude Deharo

Jean-Claude Deharo

Prof. Jean-Claude Deharo is cardiologist/electrophysiologist at the Hospital Timone in Marseille, France and professor of cardiology at Marseilles Medical School. He has been involved in various ESC and EHRA guidelines and consensus documents, including the 2018 ESC syncope guidelines. He has particular interest in cardiac electrophysiology research in the fields of syncope, lead extraction and clinical electrophysiology.
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Rose Anne Kenny

Rose Anne Kenny

Prof. Rose Anne Kenny is founding director of the Falls and Syncope Unit at St. James's Hospital and Trinity College Dublin, IE, head of the Ageing Research Program at Trinity College Dublin, director of the Mercers Institute and holds the Chair of Medical Gerontology. She was task force member of the 2018 ESC guidelines for the diagnosis and management of syncope.

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