Practical Cardiovascular Principles of Cancer Survivorship

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Following IC-OS's partnership with Radcliffe for a series of weekly educational broadcasts, this inaugural edition will bring together two renowned experts in the field of cardio-oncology, Prof Dan Lenihan (Saint Francis Healthcare System, US) and Prof Joe Carver (University of Pennsylvania, US).

During this engaging programme, Prof Lenihan and Prof Carver will share their extensive knowledge and experience, shedding light on the cardiovascular principles of cancer survivorship. 

The partnership combines Radcliffe’s rapidly growing global community and expertise in delivering the most innovative virtual events, with the knowledge and experience of IC-OS’s members, to curate broadcasts that challenge current practice and have real-world patient benefits. 

This broadcast is for cardiologists, haematologists, oncologists, nurse practitioners, nurses and pharmacists.

The International Cardio-Oncology Society is a committed group of professionals throughout the world who are striving to protect the cardiovascular health of all patients who are undergoing cancer therapy. By optimising the cardiac status of patients with cancer before, during and after their treatment, IC-OS are collectively improving the overall outcomes including survival and quality of life. IC-OS aim to provide the latest scientific and clinical education and research for anyone treating patients with cancer in the hopes of enhancing cardiovascular protection.


Support Statement

This is an independent activity run by the International Cardio-Oncology Society (ICOS) and co-produced in collaboration with Radcliffe Cardiology. The IC-OS has been provided support to deliver this webinar series by AstraZeneca, BMS/Pfizer Alliance and Roche through an unrestricted educational grant to cover organisational costs and has had no input into the agenda or content of this educational activity. Radcliffe Cardiology has received no industry funding.



Daniel Lenihan

Daniel Lenihan

Joe Carver

Joe Carver

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Faculty Biographies

Daniel Lenihan

Daniel Lenihan

Prof Daniel Lenihan is a cardio-oncologist specialising in cardiology, heart disease and advanced heart failure, at Saint Francis Healthcare System, Cape Girardeau, US.

He is a co-Founder and Board Member of the International Cardio-Oncology Society (ICOS), which is an international professional association whose primary goal is to eliminate cardiac disease as a barrier to effective cancer therapy. 

He is actively involved in patient care as the Director of the Cardio-Oncology Programme, Cardiac Rehabilitation, and the Heart Failure clinic at Saint Francis Healthcare System.

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Joe Carver

Joe Carver

Prof Joe Carver is the Bernard Fishman Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, US. He is the Chief of Staff at the Abramson Cancer Center.

He is the Director of the Thalheimer Cardio-oncology Center at the Abramson Cancer Center and his clinical practice is in the subspecialty of cardio-oncology.

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