Optimization of Nocturnal Blood Pressure Assessment and Treatment – Innovation beyond ABPM


Measuring nocturnal blood pressure has become more important as many studies have demonstrated a significant correlation between nocturnal high blood pressure and organ damage and event prediction. Sleep apnea patients’ cardio system is under stress during the night; therefore, it is essential to understand and track their nocturnal BP.

This live webinar brings together three leading experts in nocturnal blood pressure management, and aims to best inform of its importance in cardiovascular risk assessment, educate on the impact of sleep disturbance, and disseminate best practice for blood pressure monitoring for hypertensive patients.

In addition to a series of informative presentations and engaging discussions, this interactive session also comprises a live audience Q&A, with the panel on hand to take your questions to best support you in achieving optimal patient outcomes.

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17.00 – 17.05

Introduction - Prof Dr Gianfranco Parati

17.05 – 17.20

Importance of nocturnal blood pressure in cardiovascular risk assessment - Prof Dr Gianfranco Parati

17.20 – 17.35

How does sleep disturbance affect night time blood pressure? – Prof Dr Francesco Cappuccio

17.35 – 17.50

How can routine nocturnal blood pressure measurement improve the management of hypertensive patients? – Dr Martino F Pengo

17.50 – 18.00

Q&A - All, moderated by Prof Dr Gianfranco Parati and Prof Dr Francesco Cappuccio

Wrap-up and Conclusions - Prof Dr Francesco Cappuccio

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of nocturnal blood pressure in cardiovascular risk assessment
  • Understand the effect of sleep disturbance on night time blood pressure
  • Understand how routine nocturnal blood pressure measurement can support the improvement the treatment of hypertensive patients


  • General practitioners, cardiologists, pulmonologists, sleeping center specialists, nurses, internists, pharmacists, vascular specialists

Faculty Biographies

Prof Dr Gianfranco Parati

Prof Dr Gianfranco Parati

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine; Chair in Cardiovascular Medicine School of Specialisation in Cardiovascular Medicine (Director) and in Emergency and Urgent Medicine; Department of Health Sciences, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy.

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Francesco P Cappuccio

Francesco P Cappuccio

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine & Epidemiology, University of Warwick; Consultant Cardiovascular Physician, University Hospitals Coventry; Director of the European Society of Hypertension Centre of Excellence, Warwick, Coventry, UK.

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Dr Martino F Pengo

Dr Martino F Pengo

Consultant in Internal Medicine with a special interest in sleep and cardiovascular diseases.

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