New Insights With Real-Time, Remote Cardiac Monitoring: Learnings From the Pivotal TEASE-Study

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The pandemic is creating a paradigm shift in remote patient care. Join us for an interactive and educational webinar presenting first-hand results of the TEASE-study, where novel patient-empowered technology was used to remotely monitor stroke patients’ hearts in everyday life.


The results of the TEASE-study are pivotal: by monitoring with the Coala Heart Monitor, it was possible to detect previously undiagnosed AF in 9% of cryptogenic stroke patients at a mean of 19.7 days post stroke – non-invasively, patch-free and at very high patient satisfaction.


The webinar will also discuss how non-invasive, patient-empowered monitors can used as alternative to ECG patches and as complementary to insertable cardiac monitors (ICM). Real-time cardiac monitoring offer abilities of early and immediate drug treatment.


Peter Magnusson

Peter Magnusson

Philip Siberg

Philip Siberg

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The paradigm shift

Patient-empowered, real-time remote cardiac monitoring and it’s abilities in diverse populations, and opportunities for immediate drug interventions.


The TEASE-study results: Cardiac monitoring after cryptogenic stroke using the Coala Heart Monitor and its patient compliance.


The use of non-invasive ECG vs. invasive ICM’s for long-term remote monitoring.



  • This webinar aims to engage physicians, nurses, and managers with an interest in remote monitoring in general and arrhythmias in particular with a special attention to cryptogenic stroke.

Learning Objectives

  • Opportunities and benefits in monitoring patients in real-time from home.
  • The role of Coala Heart Monitor in remote monitoring, stroke management and patient compliance in diverse populations.
  • Organization of care and handling of large volume ECG tracings - present and future perspectives.
  • Tailored evaluation and treatment - when to use real-time ECG in relation to other diagnostic tools.

Faculty Biographies

Peter Magnusson

Peter Magnusson

Peter Magnusson, MD, PhD received his medical degree from Lund University and the PhD from Karolinska Institute.
He is currently working as a senior consultant at Gävle hospital in Sweden. His clinical work primarily involves management of patients with cardiac arrhythmias, heart failure, especially cardiomyopathies, and cardiac devices including implantation. His research overlaps with these clinical areas but also covers broad aspects of medicine and innovation.
Peter is a renowned speaker and leader of educational activities for diverse groups of professionals.

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Philip Siberg

Philip Siberg

Philip is an international serial entrepreneur, CEO and Board Member within the medical technology and life science tech sectors. Philip co-founded Coala Life in 2015 and has led several ventures to global expansion and 2x IPOs on Nasdaq. Philip has a MSc in Industrial Economics, Management and Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, and currently resides with family in southern California.

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