Multi Vessel Disease in STEMI

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This engaging webinar will present a complex PCI clinical case of a STEMI patient with coronary Multi Vessel Disease where OptoWire – OpSens' pressure guidewire – makes the physiology-guided procedure easy and reliable. The programme aims to address the needs of operators in this clinical setting and describe how OptoWire technological enhancements vs the most used physiology wires in the market translate in practical advantages providing physicians with the most reliable support during the procedure.

The case will be presented by Prof Jacques Monsegu (GHM Grenoble, FR). Prof Pim Tonino (Eindhoven, NL) will facilitate the debate and the live audience Q&A.


Pim Tonino

Pim Tonino

Jacques Monsegu

Jacques Monsegu

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5 mins

Introductions and background

12 mins

Case presentation

15 mins

Discussion and live Q&A

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the current limitations in performing a full physiology-guided assessment in patients with multi-vessel disease
  • Discover the importance of durability in pressure guidewire technology to perform complex assessments fast and easy without compromising accuracy of the measurement
  • Debate on the different decision-making strategies and the importance of a reliable diagnostic tool


  • Interventional cardiologists doing more than 50 physiology-guided PCI per year
  • Believers either in resting physiology (NHPR) and/or in hyperemic physiology (FFR)

Faculty Biographies

Pim Tonino

Pim Tonino

Dr Pim Tonino is Head of the Cath lab at Catharina Hospital, Eindhoven, NL since 2014.

He is an Interventional Cardiologist who focusses on Intracoronary Physiology, Complex PCI and Structural Heart Interventions.

Dr Tonino is Secretary of the Steering Board of the Working Group on Catheter-based Heart Valve interventions of the Dutch Cardiology Society and Dutch Cardiothoracic Society.

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Jacques Monsegu

Jacques Monsegu

Groupe Hospitalier Mutualiste de Grenoble, France

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