The Future of Hypertension Management - Renal Denervation Provides Another Treatment Option

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The Future of Hypertension Management webinar will feature global leaders who will share their expertise in the field of Renal Denervation. Presented in English, the webinar will address key topics in the field, including updates on the latest clinical evidence as well as how to identify potential patient candidates for the procedure.

Performed By:

Justin E Davies

Justin E Davies

Faisal Sharif

Faisal Sharif

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Latest Evidence on Renal Denervation - Dr Justin Davies


Audience Questions and Answers


Identifying the Renal Denervation Patient - Prof Faisal Sharif


Audience Questions and Answers

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the latest RDN clinical evidence including Pivotal trial results
  • Learn the patient profile for renal denervation
  • Clarify the role of patient preference in hypertension management

Faculty Biographies

Justin E Davies

Justin E Davies

Dr Justin Davies is a Senior Research Fellow and Consultant Cardiologist at Imperial College London. He also completed his undergraduate training and continued on to complete his PhD at Imperial after being awarded a British Heart Foundation research fellowship.

Now a leading clinical academic in the field of interventional cardiology, Dr Davies has pioneered several new techniques, including coronary wave intensity and instantaneous wave-free ratio (iFR). He is also published extensively in the field of hypertension and coronary and large artery physiology.

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Faisal Sharif

Faisal Sharif

Faisal Sharif is the Professor of Translational Cardiovascular Medicine and Innovation at National University of Ireland Galway and an Interventional Cardiologist at the Saolta Group, Galway University Hospital. He is also an Executive Director of BioInnovate Ireland, a multi disciplinary programme for novel medical device innovation. His research predominantly focuses on medical device innovation and clinical translation of novel medical devices and concepts for cardiovascular diseases.

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