Roundtable Discussion: Transcatheter Mitral Valve Implantation (TMVI) at PCR 2014

Published: 06 April 2015

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    Simon Kennon, Georg Lutter, Neil Moat, Darren Mylotte, Lars Søndergaard, Nina Wunderlich
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    Part 1 MITRAL VALVE SURGERY Simon Kennon, Inderpaul Birdi, Georg Lutter, Neil Moat, Lars Søndergaard, Nina Wunderlich
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During PCR London Valves 2014 (UK), Radcliffe Cardiology, in association with the Interventional Cardiology Review journal, filmed a roundtable discussion entitled 'Transcatheter Mitral Valve Implantation (TMVI)'.

The discussion was moderated by Simon Kennon (London, UK). He was joined by expert group of physicians including Profs Inderpaul Birdi (Basildon, UK), Georg Lutter (Kiel, DE), Darren Mylotte (Galway, IE), Neil E Moat (Harefield, UK), Lars Søndergaard (Copenhagen, DK) and Nina Wunderlich (Darmstadt, DE).

The meeting comprised of three presentations and subsequent panel discussions on a range of topical issues related to treatment strategies in mitral valve disease.


  • Simon Kennon, Interventional Cardiologist and Head of the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Programme, London Chest Hospital, London, UK
  • Inderpaul Birdi, Essex Cardiothoracic Centre, UK
  • Georg Lutter, Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany
  • Neil E Moat, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust, UK
  • Darren Mylotte, Galway University Hospitals, Eire
  • Lars Søndergaard, Rigshospitalet University Hospital, Denmark
  • Nina Wunderlich, Cardiovascular Center Darmstadt, Germany

Learning Objectives

The assigned learning objectives for this roundtable are listed for your information:

  • Mitral Valve Anatomy
  • Mitral valve surgery (repair, replacement, annuloplasty)
  • Minimally invasive mitral valve surgery
  • Surgical outcome figures
  • Who is not amenable to surgery?

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Faculty Biographies

Simon Kennon

Simon Kennon

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr Simon Kennon qualified from Manchester Medical School in 1992. He completed general medical training in and around London (Royal Free Hospital, Southend General Hospital, Newham General Hospital and the London Chest Hospital) before training in General and Interventional Cardiology at St Bartholomew’s and the London Chest Hospitals. His training continued with a fellowship in interventional cardiology at St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

He was appointed as a Consultant Cardiologist in 2005. His NHS work is divided between the London Chest Hospital (Barts Health NHS Trust) and Barnet & Chase Farms Hospital NHS Trust.

His private practice is based at the King’s Oak Hospital, the Cavell Hospital and the London Independent Hospital.

Dr Kennon is experienced in the management of all general cardiology conditions (including palpitations, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol), but his special interests are the assessment…

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Georg Lutter

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Neil Moat

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Darren Mylotte

Darren Mylotte

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr Darren Mylotte graduated from RCSI Medical School in 2001, obtained membership of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland in 2004, and completed the Irish Cardiology Specialist Training Scheme. He and was conferred with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) thesis in 2010 by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and has also undertaken a PhD thesis. N the subject of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) at the world renowned ThoraxCentre in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


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Lars Søndergaard

Lars Søndergaard

Professor Lars Søndergaard is a consultant cardiologist at Rigshospitalet – Copenhagen, Denmark. Professor of Cardiology at University of Copenhagen, he published over 300 peer reviewed articles, and more than 15 textbook chapters. His research interests are focused on adults with congenital heart diseases and catheter-based heart valve interventions, as well as congenital and structural heart diseases. He led the first-in-human transcatheter mitral valve implantation (CardiAQ) in 2012 and he actively participated to several trials, including NOTION (transcatheter vs. surgical aortic valve replacement in patients with aortic stenosis and low surgical risk), and the REDUCE randomised trial (PFO vs anti-platelet therapy after cryptogenic stroke).

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Nina C Wunderlich

Nina C Wunderlich

Head of Noninvasive Cardiology

Dr Nina Wunderlich is an internationally recognised expert in 3D echocardiography with a focus on imaging in structural heart disease and valve disorders, as well as interventions in these areas. Dr Wunderlich received her medical degree from the University of Frankfurt in 1991. She received her Board Certification in Internal Medicine in 2000 and her Board Certification in Cardiology in 2005. She specialises in cardiac imaging with her main focus on interventional imaging during percutaneous procedures.


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