Nina Wunderlich

Cardiovascular Center Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany

Dr Nina Wunderlich is an internationally recognized expert in the field of 3-dimensional echocardiography with a focus on imaging in structural heart disease and valve disorders as well as interventions in these areas.

Dr Wunderlich received her medical degree from the University of Frankfurt in 1991. She received her Board Certification in Internal Medicine in 2000 and her Board Certification in Cardiology in 2005. Since 2005 she specializes in cardiac imaging with the main focus on interventional imaging during percutaneous procedures.

Dr Wunderlich was the director of the ICI (imaging in cardiac interventions) congress and Co-director of the CSI (congenital and structural interventions)congress over the last years. As the head of noninvasive cardiology at the CardioVascular Center Frankfurt, Germany she was involved in many different kinds of percutaneous procedures such as PFO, ASD, VSD and PDA closure procedures, left atrial appendage occlusion and valve procedures such as aortic valve replacement, coronary sinus approaches for mitral regurgitation and paravalvular leak closure.

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