JIM 2020: Optical Coherence Topography (OCT) - Based QFR and OFR

Published: 18 Feb 2020

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Prof Emanuele Barbato (University of Naples, Naples, IT) discusses optical coherence topography (OCT)-based fractional flow reserve (FFR) and Quantitative flow ratio (QFR).
1. What are QFR and OFR and how do they compare to traditional indices like FFR?
2. Why are these new approaches needed?
3. When should these assessment tools be used?
4. Do we have data to validate these novel techniques?
5. Are you using these in your practice and if so what has been your experience?
Filmed on location at the JIM 2020.
Interviewer: Ashlynne Merrifield
Videographer: Dom Woodruff