EuroPCR 22: DECISION QFR Shows Increased Practicability and Shorter Procedure Time for Revasc.

Published: 19 May 2022

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In this short interview, Dr Taku Asano (St. Luke's International Hospital, JP) outlines the findings of the DESCISION QFR trial at EuroPCR 2022. 

DESCISION QFR aimed to evaluate the feasibility of involving quantitative flow ratio based patient information to determine the optimal revascularization approach in patients with multivessel disease. 

The study met its primary endpoints, where agreement between the heart team's approach to QFR and FFR was observed in 91.5% of cases. QFR met the secondary endpoints also, indicating a shorter procedure time when compared to FFR. 

Discussion points:
1. Reasoning Behind This Study
2. Patient Population and Study Design
3. Key Findings
4. Take-Home Messages
5. Further Research Required

Recorded onsite at EuroPCR in Paris, 2022.
Interviewer: Jonathan McKenna

Videographer: Oliver Miles

Editor: Jordan Rance