EuroPCR 22: Commissural Alignment 97% Effective with ACURATE Neo2™

Published: 24 May 2022

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Dr Christopher Meduri (Karolinska University Hospital, SE) outlines the outcomes of the Neo-Align Study, a report on 170 registry patients implanted with Boston Scientific's ACURATE Neo2™ Valve
First presented at EuroPCR 2022, the study aimed to evaluate commissural alignment using the ACURATE Neo2™ Valve in all-comer patients. Results suggest that of 167 patients, 97% had no significant misalignment.

Discussion Points:
1. Background of This Study
2. ACURATE Neo2™ Valve
3. Patient Cohort, Study Design and Endpoints
4. Key Outcomes
5. Take-Home Messages
6. Further Study Required and Next Steps

Recorded onsite at EuroPCR in Paris, 2022.
Interviewer: Jonathan McKenna