EMPATROPISM FE: Effects of Empagliflozin on Iron Metabolism in Non-diabetic HF Patients

Published: 06 Dec 2021

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Prof Christiane E Angermann (University Hospital of Würzburg, Würzburg, DE) discusses a substudy of the EMPATROPISM Randomized Trial. The trial found that Empagliflozin administration to nondiabetic HFrEF patients significantly improves LV volumes, LV mass, LV systolic function, functional capacity, and quality of life when compared with placebo. the substudy, presented at AHA 21, looks into the effects of Empagliflozin on iron metabolism in non-diabetic patients with heart failure.

Discussion Points:
1.    Background for the Study
2.    Unanswered Questions in Relation to the Mechanism of SGLT2is
3.    Design and Patient Population
4.    What Has Iron to Do With HF and Cardiac Function?
5.    Key Results
6.    Clinical Implications
7.    Take-Home Messages
8.    Next Step

Recorded remotely from Würzburg, 2021. 

Editor: Mirjam Boros

Videography:Oliver Miles