DEFINE-PCI Study: 60 Second Insights

Published: 20 March 2019

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A series of 60-second interviews where Justin Davies, Allen Jeremias, Takashi Akasaka and Bruce Samuels provide their thoughts on the DEFINE-FLAIR Study.

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Part 1

How has Define-FLAIR affected your clinical practice?

Part 2

In what kind of scenarios would residual ischaemia be addressable or not?

Part 3

How does residual ischaemia impact the healthcare system?

Part 4

What has been your experience with tools like iFR co-registration?

Part 5

What's next in the research pipeline?

Part 6

How will it change your clinical practice?

Part 7

What were the key findings from DEFINE-PCI?

Part 8

Do you think the broader interventional community believes post-PCI ischaemia is a real problem?

Part 9

How is DEFINE PCI different from earlier post-PCI ischaemia studies?

Part 10

Why was DEFINE PCI done, is there precedent for post-PCI ischaemia?

Part 11

What would be surprising to see from DEFINE PCI?

Part 12

What do we hope DEFINE PCI will shed light on?

Faculty Biographies

Justin E Davies

Justin E Davies

Dr Justin Davies is a Senior Research Fellow and Consultant Cardiologist at Imperial College London. He also completed his undergraduate training and continued on to complete his PhD at Imperial after being awarded a British Heart Foundation research fellowship.

Now a leading clinical academic in the field of interventional cardiology, Dr Davies has pioneered several new techniques, including coronary wave intensity and instantaneous wave-free ratio (iFR). He is also published extensively in the field of hypertension and coronary and large artery physiology.

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