CRT 2019: SAVAL Trial

Published: 04 Apr 2019

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Dr Jihad Mustapha (Advanced Cardiac &Vascular Centers, Grand Rapids, US) discusses the SAVAL trial - Next steps in drug-eluting stents for BTK intervention.


Filmed on site by Radcliffe Cardiology.



1. Why was the SAVAL trial needed? (00:10)

2. What was the study design? (00:42)

3. What is novel about this particular stent? (01:24)

4. If this trial is positive, how might this trial change practice when it comes to CLI? (02:30)

5. Why do you think SAVAL will be successful when other CLI trials have failed? (03:25)

6. A recent meta-analysis has raised safety concerns in the use of paclitaxel coated devices in PAD. What is your take on this? (04:27)


Videographer: Tom Green

Educational lead: Liam O'Neill