Role of Antiplatelet Therapies in Neuro-endovascular Procedures

Published: 16 Oct 2013

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In the first session from the Platelet Reactivity Testing Round Table Discussion, the panel discuss The Role of Antiplatelet Therapies in Neuro-endovascular Procedures.

Among the many fascinating points discussed in this session, are a number of key issues including (time of discussions within the video are listed in parenthesis):

1:24 – The role of antiplatelet therapy in endovascular procedures – the types of patient populations;
7:05 – Aneurysm procedures – when to start antiplatelet therapy;
14:00 – Platelet function tests used to assess the response to clopidogrel;
16:35 – Response to clopidogrel – complications with this technique;
22:23 – Percentage inhibition versus PRU to assess the response to drug and platelet reactivity;
25:25 – Approaching issues of intercranial haemergage risk;

The panel for this session comprises:

Robert Storey, Professor and Honorary Consultant in Cardiology, Department of Cardiovascular Science, University of Sheffield, UK (Chair)

Guillaume Taylor, Département d'Anesthésie Réanimation Urgencies, Fondation Ophtalmologique A de Rothschild, Paris, France

Jeff Daheln, Chief Scientific Officer at Accumetrics, US

Radcliffe Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology Review extends its thanks to all panel members.