AHA 2020 Discussion: Analysis From the EMPEROR-Reduced Study

Published: 20 Nov 2020

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Dr Harriette Van Spall (McMaster University, Hamilton, CA) and Dr Javed Butler (University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, US) discuss the background and the design of the EMPEROR-Reduced study. Dr Butler talks about the issues related to measuring health status. 
Dr Van Spall and Dr Butler discuss the results in context of the other trials focusing on SGLT2 inhibitors. Dr Van Spall asks about a sex specific analysis. They discuss how the findings of EMPEROR-Reduced were different from the DAPA-HF study. Dr Javed Butler shares his opinion about how should these findings influence clinical practice. 

Recorded remotely from Hamilton and Oxford, 2020.

Recording Editor: Mike Knight & Natascha Wienand
Editor: Mirjam Boros